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We Will Respond to Your Computer Problems Within 60 Minutes or Less - Guaranteed - And Fix Your Problem On Time and On Budget. CloudPoint Technology Will Even Remotely Manage Your IT Needs Without Locking You Into One of Those Hard-to-Break, Annual Contracts. Our Managed IT Customers Remain Our Customers of Their Own Free Will, And Not Because a Contract Says They Have To.

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CloudPoint Technology for Business & Medical Practices

For nearly a decade CloudPoint Technology has been specializing in providing no-annual-contract Managed IT Services, including network servers, workstations, data security, easy-to-reach tech support, data backups, and more, to businesses and medical practices. And we do it all without locking you into a long-term contract that takes a lawyer to break. You are free to leave when you want to, but after you try our service, you simply won't want to. 

15 Revealing Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Any Managed IT Service

Not all computer consultants are created equal! The question is, which ones will solve your problems quickly and inexpensively and which ones will frustrate you with missed deadlines, poor excuses, and hidden costs. Find out how to tell them apart in this consumer protection guide from CloudPoint Technology



A Little Known Way to Save Thousands on Support Costs, Become More Self-Supporting, And Avoid Boondoggle Swamp

Every business office, no matter the line of business, rests on a foundation that was built upon the shaky ground we like to call Boondoggle Swamp. Boondoggle Swamp is filled with muck and mire, and its sole purpose is to suck businesses down into its grimy grips and then strangle that businesses cash flow until […]

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One Way to Avoid Unnecessary Computer Crashes, and Keep Productivity Moving Full Speed Ahead

Your computer network is only as good as the computers and software being run on it, so why then, do so many businesses place so little importance on updating the tools they use every day to get work done? We find businesses and medical practices using outdated workstations and outdated software all the time. Most […]

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Improve Accountability, Work From Anywhere, Always Be Just a Click Away From What You Need with Office 365 and Google Apps

As our lifestyles evolve to embrace the advantages modern technology affords each of us, the need for mobility and flexibility will continue to grow, and the key to that combination of technology and mobility is The Cloud. Microsoft and Google were among the first major players to attempt to capitalize on that with their cloud-based […]

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Our server was continuously disconnecting and interrupting productivity. James and the CloudPoint staff reacted very quickly and had us back up and running in no time.
-- Charlie Cremeans, Crane Edge

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