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Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing Any Data Backup and Recovery Service?

Choosing a service to manage your data backups and recovery of those backups during emergency situations is one of the best insurance policies you can buy for your business. While it’s not “insurance” per se, it is a safety net there to catch you, and your livelihood in the case of a localized disaster that destroys, or temporarily screws up, your network resulting in data loss. Having a good backup and recovery system in place means when things go wrong, that wrong is only a temporary situation, and your business will be back up and functional in a matter of minutes or hours, versus losing everything and being down for days or weeks on top of the lost data. Those who sell data backup and recovery services have a favorite saying, “It’s not a matter of if you equipment will fail, it’s a matter of when.” While that sounds like a classic marketing line, the reality of the situation is...Read More >

Backing Up Data in the Cloud is Safer Than Some Would Lead You To Believe

Backing up your data to an off-site, cloud-based location, is a sensible way to approach protecting the sensitive data that is the backbone of your business. The process can be incorporated into an automated system, the data is far enough away, geographically, that a local natural disaster likely won’t affect it, and if you need more space, you can buy it bit by bit, rather than having to replace expensive hardware. But how safe is it? Aren’t hackers always trying to mess with data in the cloud? We’re going to answer those questions and hopefully ease any potentially worried minds. For starters, not all cloud backup services are created equal, so what might be so of one company’s offering, might not be so of another. Since we’re intimately familiar with our own service, that’s the one we’re basing this information on. As long as your service offers something similar, or perhaps even better, you should be in good shape. Where...Read More >

Most Computer Problems Are Hidden And Strike Without Warning, And At The Most Inconvenient Times

Hardware failure, viruses, spyware, and other problems usually aren’t detectable until they strike by causing a server to go down, data to be lost, or some other catastrophe. Viruses and spyware are particularly sneaky because they are designed to hide themselves while they do their damage. For example, spyware can secretly transmit information about you and your company to an outsider without being visible to you. Even if your network was recently audited by a computer consultant, viruses, spyware, and hackers are constantly attacking your network (that is why we constantly monitor our clients’ networks because you never know when a new virus is going to strike). Unfortunately, most computer consultants only offer “break-fix” services. That basically means when something breaks or stops working, they come in and fix it. While this may seem like a good setup for you, it actually leaves you wide open to a number of threats, problems, and other disasters because it is reactive rather...Read More >

Hundreds of Hours of Work on ‘Toy Story 2’ was Nearly Lost to a Bad Data Backup Plan

Proving Data Loss Can Happen to the Best of Us Losing locally-stored data to some random digital mishap affects even the best of us eventually. I’ve fallen victim to it a few times in my lifetime of working on computers. Well, to be more accurate, I fell victim to it once, and that one time taught me a lesson about backing up valuable files. My incident happened way back in the 1990s, a time when things like Zip Drives were among the common methods used for file backups, and what happened made me so sick, the project I was working on at the time remains unfinished to this day. I was working on a project I imported from a template stored on one of the aforementioned Zip Drives. I spent the first six hours of my day working on this project, and the only reason I stopped at six hours is the computer locked up while I was trying to...Read More >

Some Data Backup Solutions Are Just Disasters Waiting to Happen, is Yours One of Them?

There are a few options available to users who want to backup data, and each of them come with their own set of pros and cons. We offer a cloud-based data backup and recovery service, so it might be said we are a bit biased, but even that has a few drawbacks to it. Everything does. There simply isn’t a perfect solution, there are only reliable solutions to choose from depending upon your specific needs. This post will hopefully help you navigate the world of data backup and recovery to help you find exactly what works best for you. Cloud-based Data Backup and Recovery Solutions (Remote Backup) Cloud-based data backup and recovery solutions are Internet-reliant options for backing up data at an off-site location, where the data is kept on servers, and is accessible 24-7, 365. Advantages The biggest advantage is with cloud-based options, you don’t have to buy brand new hardware when you fill up your space, you simply...Read More >