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5 Critical Characteristics You Should Demand From Your Computer Consultant

1. Demand that they have multiple technicians on staff. If you rely on a “one-man-band” operation, you might find yourself without any help when they go on vacation, get sick, or when they are simply too busy servicing other customers. Having multiple technicians on staff is not a guarantee of fast, reliable service, but you are far more likely to have someone to talk to when you have a problem. Another reason you want a shop that has multiple technicians is because no one computer guy – no matter how good – has infinite knowledge about every type of software, hardware, and platform. Multiple technicians mean multiple skill sets and a higher likelihood that your computer problem will get resolved faster. 2. Demand someone who has a long-standing reputation. Let’s face it; there are a lot of other computer repair technicians out there, but most are new or just getting started. You want to make sure you avoid hiring a...Read More >

Help! CloudPoint Technology’s Owner Due in Jail Next Month if Bill Isn’t Paid

CloudPoint Technology’s Owner James Hall will end up behind bars April 22, if he doesn’t raise at least $2,400 for this year’s Putnam County Muscular Dystrophy Association Lock-Up Event. The Lock-Up is an annual event where locals are given fundraising goals to reach, and if the goal isn’t reached, the person is symbolically locked away until it is. So we are looking to you, our CloudPoint Technology partners and customers, to help keep James Hall stay out of jail this year. CloudPoint Technology is participating in the fundraiser through its sister company, Mr. Fix IT PC Repair, in Winfield, which is also owned by Hall. Hall is scheduled to be jailed April 22, at the Holiday Inn Express in Winfield, the home of this year’s event for Putnam County. “I’m serving time for kids and adults served by MDA, and I need your help to reach my bail goal. Your donation will help put me over the top!” James Hall...Read More >

CloudPoint’s Office 365 Customers Can Get Early Look at Skype for Business and Office 2016

There are quite a few updates on the horizon for Microsoft Office 365 users. During its annual Convergence conference, which targets business customers, Microsoft said its cloud-based, subscription service for Microsoft’s Office will be getting a touch of Skype added to it beginning in April. The update will combine Microsoft’s Lync application, which itself was a communication tool for professional settings, with Skype to create a more Skype-like user interface to give users a more familiar set of tools and functions. Skype for Business will include Enterprise Voice, which will allow users to do things like start conference calls through Skype for Business using old-school land lines without needing a separate Lync Server setup. While it might not sound like a big deal, this removes a big barrier standing in the way of communication simplicity by getting analog and digital signals to play nice together. “We will offer enterprise voice and audio conferencing in Office 365, starting with a technical...Read More >

Without Encrypted Email You Might As Well Publish Your Most Private Messages in the Newspaper

We’ve all finally come to the realization we really have no privacy online. Everywhere we go, everything we do, and every little letter we type, is potentially open to inspection by third parties. Sending a regular email is like sending a postcard through the regular old real-world mail. The contents of it can be read by everyone who handles it between points A and B, and then again by whoever handles it between points C, D, and Q, if it gets passed around. So what are businesses who frequently mail highly sensitive information that deserves privacy protection to do? Email encryption is the solution to this problem, and has become a hot-button issue in recent years, especially with the rise of both government spying and criminal hacking. What is Email Encryption, and How does it Keep My Data Private? Email encryption basically takes your English language email, turns it into gobbledygook, and then ships it out to a server where...Read More >

Is Your IT Guy Holding You Prisoner?

Here’s a question you’ve probably never thought about: If your IT guy went away, would you know where all the passwords, data, software licenses and disks, key codes, and other important information were stored? Do you know how to log into your server? Do you know the passwords to all your employee’s workstations? Do you know where your offsite data is stored and how to access it? Is your network documented so that another IT person could come in and pickup where they left off? If not, your IT guy is holding you prisoner. If he’s doing a good job, you might not mind too much; however, you should STILL have him or her document your network in case they didn’t show up one day for work. And if you AREN’T really happy with their work and aren’t sure if they are doing a good job, that’s all the more you should have this done. Occasionally I’ve run across potential...Read More >