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How to Never Lose a File Again, Improve Efficiency, and Go Green in the Process

Tomorrow is the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day, the day where those of us who are hypersensitive to the damage being done to our environment try to convince everyone else of the true importance of preserving our resources for future generations. Well, kind of, anyway. The truth is most of us fall into that lukewarm category when it comes to the issue of the environment. We care, and we do a little bit here and there, but we’re not spending our weekends gathering signatures for petitions, and chaining ourselves to trees to stop the destruction of our forests. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being enthusiastic about the issue enough to either of those things.) Most of us are just far too busy with our professional lives to spend that kind of time and energy on much of anything. Deep down most of us do wish we could do a little bit more, and we would, if it was only...Read More >

SOAPware Adds Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances Feature in Update

SOAPware just announced it’s next update, due in the next week or two, will include the new add-on feature of Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS), which is good news given national estimates indicate about 12-percent of all prescriptions written are for controlled substances. The additional feature is timed perfectly as the push to go electronic with prescription writing is picking up steam. Recently, the State of New York tried to force the entirety of its medical community to switch to e-prescribing only with a program called I-Stop. The deadline to make the switch was set for March 2015, but at the last minute was moved to March 2016. The use of e-prescribing will likely continue to be an initiative at both state and federal levels in coming years.  The new SOAPware feature will meet all of New York’s I-STOP regulations. Read SOAPware’s announcement here. The process of ePrescribing controlled substances is supposed to be a relatively easy one. Here...Read More >

What is Managed IT?

Here’s the situation… The office printer refuses to print anything Steve or Joe sends to it, despite working just fine last week, and continuing to work just fine for everyone else in the office. Every time Amy saves something on her computer, the cursor spins and the machine locks up long enough for her to go get a cup of coffee, complete with cream and sugar, before it is released so she can move on to another task. Bill hasn’t received an email in three days even though five people in the office swear on their mothers’ grave they have sent him the same message no fewer than five times during that timeframe. And Steve’s computer also tends to shut down for no reason whatsoever while he’s working on documents in Microsoft Word. Things at the office just aren’t going well when it comes to the IT situation. When things get this bad, you have a number of choices as...Read More >

Who Else Wants To Save Thousands On New Computer Hardware, Software And IT Support While “Going Green?”

The 45th edition of Earth Day is April 22, which is about a week away, so our question for you is what are you doing to make the Earth a better place for everyone? I know what you’re thinking, “But James, that going green stuff is usually ends up costing us more on our bottom line, and right now, that bottom line has no room in it for yet more expenses.” We hear you loud and clear on that one. Finding economically efficient ways of going green has been a struggle for everyone over the years, and Earth Day continues year after year to remind us to keep looking for solutions to our problems because every year technology changes, and changing technology can mean both savings and efficiency, even when trying to go green. One of those technological advancements isn’t really that new, but it is one that has improved greatly over just the past few years. What is it...Read More >

Get Rid of SPAM Once and For All by Taking Iron-Fisted Control Over Your Inbox

  The secret to a happy Inbox is having a good SPAM filter. This is one of those inevitable truths of life like, “If it can go wrong it probably will go wrong,” or even, “Lost keys will always be found in the very last place you think to look for them.” Gmail, Yahoo!, and even most web hosting companies provide users with at least some type of SPAM filter with their email service options, but as we have all learned from using them over the past 20 years is that those SPAM filters are only moderately effective. They let in far too many sketchy emails to be recommended as a real SPAM-blocking option. So if those are the only SPAM-blockers you’ve ever experienced using, you might be surprised to know that there are much better options out there for keeping the crap out of our work email accounts. When I first started using the SPAM-filter offered by CloudPoint Technology...Read More >