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When Your Computer Network Fails, And Your Cheap Backup Does Not to Live Up to Expectations, Don’t Come Boo-Hooing to Us, We Told You So

We frequently talk to businesses, and business owners, some of whom are our customers, about their current data backup situation, and we are just flabbergasted by the seeming lack of understanding, and the unwillingness to become enlightened on the subject. We have found the biggest obstacle to overcome is shortsightedness. So often we are told, “We have a backup plan in place,” but when we question them further we learn that the backup plan in place is just some kind of drive, be it tape, or hard drive, that is kept on-site, with no off-site backup whatsoever. If it’s not that, then it is either no backup at all, or some el cheapo cloud backup solution that doesn’t even meet their very specific needs. Unfortunately, we rarely encounter a business who is correctly backing up their data. Our experience has led us to a scary realization. The percentage of businesses and medical practices out there flirting with disaster every day,...Read More >

Small Practices Not Immune to Data Theft, and Paying Their Fair Share of the $6 Billion in Preventable Costs Associated With It

Healthcare businesses are ignoring the threat posed by cyber attackers, and are leaving themselves wide open to be victimized by data thieves seeking the personal information of patients. This is essentially the message gleaned from our review of a study released in May 2015 by the Ponemon Institute, a company that conducts independent industry studies on issues dealing with privacy and security. The study, the FIfth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data, takes a global view of the risk facing those who are charged with protecting patient data. Ponemon estimates data breaches could be costing the healthcare industry in the US alone to be about $6 billion every year. The data collected also indicates for every identifiable record pirated by hackers via a data breach, it costs the victimized business about $398. This might not sound like much until you realize that it only takes a theft of 250 patient records to rack up recovery costs...Read More >

What is the Number One Reason Businesses Opt to Use Managed IT Services?

A recent survey of more than 300 companies revealed that two-thirds of them had hired the services of an outside IT company within the past 12 months. Why is that number so high? Because it makes sense. The data is from the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA Information Technology), a non-profit trade association focusing on all things IT, including managed services. While Cloudpoint Technology isn’t a member of the association, there are 2,000 IT companies out there who are. They unveiled the information regarding the way companies use IT services in their fourth annual Trends in Managed Services study. So what drives a company to outsource their IT needs? The answer is an obvious one. Technology is always moving forward, which means a  business can’t afford to let their technology stagnate, and leave them working less efficiently than their competition. Hiring a managed services provider (MSP) is one way to keep a technology expert in your corner without paying another...Read More >

Hiring a Full-Time IT Manager is Expensive, but Not Hiring Anyone to Manage IT at All Can Be Costly

Many businesses cite cost as the primary reason they don’t hire a full-time IT professional, despite the fact so much of the work being done relies heavily on the computer network, and the computers themselves, to get done. The problem with that is when the network in one of these offices without a full-time IT professional on-premises goes down, and it will, the entire works comes to a grinding halt. Files can’t be accessed. Emails can’t be sent. The Internet can’t be accessed. The phone system might even be affected by it too. Work just can’t get done. This puts business owners in a bad spot. They need to get things working again as quickly as possible because every minute the computer system is down it is costing the owner money. So what happens when situations get desperate? Bad decisions get made. One of those bad decisions is hiring a computer technician without any real vetting process. Too often we...Read More >