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Could The Dog Days Of Summer Be A Threat To Your Business?

How To Ensure The Heat Doesn’t Fry Your Server (And Your Profits!) With the “dog days” of summer upon us, most business owners are looking for ways to keep their company’s sales and profits HOT, while keeping their IT expenses COOL. But if proper attention is not given to your server and network equipment during the summer, all that heat outside can actually bring your company’s growth to a grinding halt and increase your IT expenses significantly. Excess heat can be a big problem for small to mid-sized business servers, since a server that becomes overheated usually costs more in energy, fails more often and is more likely to crash. For most companies, a server crash can mean hours or days of downtime, unproductive employees, HUGE amounts of stress and thousands of dollars in lost opportunity. 7 Steps Every Business Owner Must Take To  Prevent a Heat-Induced Server Crash Here are a few simple things you can do to prevent...Read More >

How to Avoid Becoming Extinct Over a Cybersecurity Disaster

Your practice is a cyber-dinosaur and if you aren’t careful, your practice could suffer the very same fate the actual thunder lizards did. And you know what happened to them, right? Calling industries who remain notoriously behind the techno-curve dinosaurs isn’t a statement we here made up to use in our sales pitches either. In fact, it was an article we found in Tech Crunch titled, The Dinosaurs of Cybersecurity Are Planes, Power Grids, and Hospitals, that brought it to our attention. After reading it, and using our many years of experience working with hospitals and medical practices to analyze the assertion made by its author, we couldn’t find legitimate ground to argue the point. You are, as an industry, behind, and the fact you are not moving forward is costing you more than you think. Lax CyberSecurity Might Lead to Your Catastrophic Event If you buy into the The Alvarez Hypothesis, you know it was a large object from...Read More >

Free Fix Could Have Saved More Than $500 in Bills, And Saved 15 Years of Data; Remembering to Back Up Your Data Would Be a Very Brady Moral Message

Here’s a story, of a lovely lady, who was too busy to make a backup of her own, then one day it all went wrong, and she was befuddled, because her file was gone… Yeah, I know, that’s a terrible attempt at parodying an excerpt from The Brady Bunch theme song, but it illustrates the main point to this blog post, which is why you need to have a quality data backup and recovery plan, and it alleviates my burning desire to do a Brady-related blog post at the moment. So bear with me during my self indulgence, as I try to convert you backup agnostics into believers, and you believers into testifying champions of the value of quality data backup and recovery plans. I’m sure if The Brady Bunch was ever turned into a contemporary television show, there would be an episode where Jan fails to make a backup copy of their school report, and then that report would end...Read More >

CloudPoint Client’s Encrypted Data Under Attack By Snooping Federal Investigators, We Must Stop it For Colonel Sanders’s Sake

When customers subscribe to an encrypted email service, they do so with the faith that it is, in fact, truly encrypted, and that NO ONE, is going to have access to the sensitive information being sent. If this kind of privacy wasn’t important to our clients, and subsequently their clients, they would just continue using their regular email services, which are already subject to inspection by federal eyes. This exclusion from encrypted data is irritating federal investigative agencies. The federal government is begging cybersecurity experts to find a way that would allow them to access encrypted emails  for investigative purposes. So far, their efforts have been met with some resistance by the cybersecurity community because if backdoor access to encrypted email data, then that would also leave that same door open to hackers too. This would be bad news for everybody involved. At present, with good encryption services, like the one we use, not even the administrators of the servers...Read More >

Declare Freedom From Expensive Software, Hardware And Network Upgrades

Office 365 and Google Apps are two perfect mainstream examples of the cloud computing trend for small businesses; for an inexpensive monthly fee, you can get full access to and use of Office applications that used to cost a few hundred dollars to  purchase. And, since these apps are being powered by the cloud provider, you don’t need an expensive desktop with lots of power to use them – just a simple Internet connection will do on a laptop, desktop or tablet. What Is “Cloud Computing”? Cloud computing, or “going to the cloud,” is very similar to the concept of paying for  electricity as a utility rather than purchasing and running your own generator to power your home or office. Public utilities shoulder the burden of generating and delivering  electricity and can provide a cheap, reliable, “pay as you go” service to anyone wanting water or power. Similarly, with cloud computing, the cost of hosting, securing and delivering network services...Read More >