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You know the absolute worst part about phone contracts, cable contracts, many gym memberships, and even most agreements for Managed IT Services? It’s those dang year-long contracts you’re locked into. With many of these services you are locked into a contract for the full term whether you decide halfway through you don’t like the service or not, unless you want to pay a big fee to get out of it for breaking the contract. We do things differently here at CloudPoint Technology because we hate being stuck in those long-term contracts too. All we ask of our Managed IT Services customers is that they sign an agreement stating they will give us 30 days notice before stopping our service. That’s it. It is our philosophy if you aren’t happy with our services you should be free to go elsewhere and find a service that better meets your needs. We don’t want our customers to be held hostage, against their will,...Read More >

Prevent Your Old Office Computers From Becoming a Money Pit That Will Suck Your Budget Dry Using This Philosophy

  Have you ever approached a computer technician about a problem you are having with your PC only to have them say, “You need a new machine,” before appearing to even think about it? What you don’t realize is that a good technician can size up your computer at a glance and know its limitations compared to newer models, and quickly surmise whether fixing it is worth the time and expense. We have made the recommendation to “Just buy a new one,” many times, and so has just about every other IT company out there, and this blog post reflects why we do it, and why that decision benefits you more than you might realize. This happened recently. A non-managed services customer recently contacted us about an ailing workstation on their network. This machine was giving them fits, and was single-handedly disrupting an entire office’s workflow. It would shut down sometimes mid-operation. It would also process things really slowly. There was obviously something...Read More >

The Remedy for Your Slow Office Computers and Losses in Efficiency is Low-Cost, Hybrid Cloud

Eventually there comes a time in a computer network’s life when it’s just no longer up to the task of meeting its office’s needs. One reason might be the server just doesn’t have enough power to keep up. Another reason, and one that is far more common, is after years of stuffing it full of files and applications, the server is starting to run out of storage space. This leaves business owners and decision makers staring face-to-face with an expensive decision that has to be addressed sooner rather than later. It doesn’t have to be so stressful a situation though. There are alternatives out there to make this scenario a thing of the past. A network running entirely from a server located on-premises, aka right down the hall, only has a finite amount of space to fill before it needs upgraded to something bigger, better, and yes, more expensive, especially if it means replacing the entire server. This could be...Read More >