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Improve Accountability, Work From Anywhere, Always Be Just a Click Away From What You Need with Office 365 and Google Apps

As our lifestyles evolve to embrace the advantages modern technology affords each of us, the need for mobility and flexibility will continue to grow, and the key to that combination of technology and mobility is The Cloud. Microsoft and Google were among the first major players to attempt to capitalize on that with their cloud-based applications, and they continue to be trailblazers in the field. Back around 2005, 2006, or something like that, Google launched a small suite of apps that lived and worked entirely online. Those apps, which included Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and more, was essentially a free, online version of Microsoft’s flagship product called Office. It is The Cloud that makes us free to move about the country with our devices and still be able to reach the data we need, and in some cases, it even makes it possible to use the apps we need as well. The beauty of Google Drive, other Google Apps, and...Read More >

CloudPoint vs Dropbox: How to Build A Business-Changing Creative Sandbox to Spur Employee Collaboration and Creativity

So Dropbox is changing the way it markets its service. The online storage giant is trying to shift its image away from just being a place to store big files online into an image that is more akin to a creative, collaborative playground. Dropbox has finally figured out the best ways to use its product. Yahoo for them. We had it figured out a long time ago, and here’s a little secret, we’ve been delivering the concept of a creative sandbox in the cloud to our customers for years now. The only difference between what Dropbox is marketing, and what we offer our customers, is ownership and privacy, which, in the business world, is crucial to finding success. What Dropbox is promoting is essentially a hybrid cloud solution without giving its customers the power of having ownership of its stored/shared media. The media is always stored on the servers owned by Dropbox, which means, if one day Dropbox is bought out...Read More >

The Iron-Fisted Rule You Keep Over Your IT Network Might be Costing You Money, Here is One Easy Way to Fix It

Hiring an outside agency to manage your digital security and the overall health of your network is not the same thing as opening up your network to outsiders who are hell-bent on invading your privacy and building loopholes in your security. So it might be time to loosen that iron-fisted grip you keep over your network, and let the professionals handle it. Believe it or not, loss of network control is one of the more common excuses we hear when a prospective client blows us off. In these situations they are often simply nervous about giving someone else access to their network, and their information. And that is somewhat understandable. But it is also a bit misguided and unfortunate. It is, however, almost a common sense opposition to hiring a managed IT services provider. Many businesses keep sensitive information and communications stored on their in-house server, and they are concerned about giving an outside company access to it. In some...Read More >