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One Way to Avoid Unnecessary Computer Crashes, and Keep Productivity Moving Full Speed Ahead

Your computer network is only as good as the computers and software being run on it, so why then, do so many businesses place so little importance on updating the tools they use every day to get work done? We find businesses and medical practices using outdated workstations and outdated software all the time. Most of the time when we go on a new job we anticipate it to be one where the operating system needs updated, the security software needs updated, and the computers themselves probably need updated. These outdated tools do more than just slow down productivity, they also open the door to any hackers who might fancy the idea of stealing the identities of clients, and using that personal information stored on the businesses’ computer networks for their own personal gain. Turns out old operating systems and internet browsers are super easy to hack, so this is a glaring security hole that is inviting trouble to come...Read More >