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A Little Known Way to Save Thousands on Support Costs, Become More Self-Supporting, And Avoid Boondoggle Swamp

Boondoggle Swamp

Boondoggle Swamp

Every business office, no matter the line of business, rests on a foundation that was built upon the shaky ground we like to call Boondoggle Swamp. Boondoggle Swamp is filled with muck and mire, and its sole purpose is to suck businesses down into its grimy grips and then strangle that businesses cash flow until one day, it finally, processes its last transaction and dies.

There isn’t just one way to get to Boondoggle Swamp. In fact there are countless roads that will take you there in a hurry, and there are just as many out there that will take you on the scenic route, but rest assured, it too, can, and often will, leave you drowning in the swamp.

The best way to get to Boondoggle Swamp is by allowing your workflow to get so out of whack more unfinished tasks pile up around the office than finished ones do. We’ve seen this going on at several offices we’ve dealt with over the past 20 years.

One thing we’ve noticed these Boondoggled businesses had in common, was that somewhere, in their workflow, their process for making work happen, there was a glitch that kept things from moving ahead as quickly as they should. In some cases it’s an equipment issue. In other cases it might be an organizational issue. Still in other cases the issue is just with personnel in general. The point is, there are a million things that can go wrong somewhere in the process.

As a managed IT services company, we are hired to help businesses eliminate the tech issues that so often stand in the way of productivity. We provide businesses with support, advice, and the confidence the tech in their office will work glitch-free.

In order to get to the point where an office’s computer network operates glitch free, and that is a concerted effort between the people using the computers and the people fixing them. That is why we encourage customers to learn as much as possible about the tools they use. The better informed our customers are the better they are at helping us keep things running at optimal rate.

One of the easiest ways to save money on technical support is by learning how to handle the many basic, routine computer support problems that arise in-house. That is why you want to be involved with any project being rolled out.

Many consultants or firms will want to keep you in the dark because the less you know, the more billable hours they can rack up on mundane tasks that could be handled in-house. We don’t think this is correct, and that’s why we always try and involve our clients.

So when we provide tech support for our clients we typically get our clients involved with the correction process, so they can add a little bit of knowledge to their repertoire for future use. It helps them and it helps us. They understand their tools better, so we get better information from them when things go wrong.

The beauty of this process is things don’t go wrong all that often. And when they do, our remote IT support team can tackle it quickly and get things back to normal in a hurry.

Find out for yourself what CloudPoint Technology can do for you with a free network audit, and make sure your next project doesn’t get dragged into Boondoggle Swamp.

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