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7 Critical Security Measures Your Business Must Have in Place to Have any Chance of Fending Off Criminals


Your Business is not immune to being targeted by hackers and other digital criminals. The information on your network is more valuable than you might think. Criminals make a fortune stealing personal information, like that of your customers, and using it in a multitude of fraudulent schemes.

You need to protect yourself, and your customers, by making sure your network is as secure as humanly possible. Here are seven critical measures you must adopt at once.

  1. Train Employees On Security Best Practices. The #1 vulnerability for business networks are the employees using them. If they don’t know how to spot infected e-mails or online scams, they could infect your entire network.
  2. Create An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) And Enforce It! An AUP outlines how employees are permitted to use company-owned PCs, devices, software, Internet access and e-mail. Having this type of policy is critical if your employees are using their own devices to access company email and data.
  3. Require STRONG passwords throughout your company. Passwords should be at least 8 characters and contain lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and at least one number.
  4. Keep Your Network Up To Date. New vulnerabilities are found almost daily on common software programs you use all the time; therefore it’s critical you patch and update systems frequently.
  5. Have An Excellent Backup. A quality backup can foil even the most aggressive ransomware attacks, where a hacker locks up your files and holds them ransom until you pay up. If your files are backed up, you don’t have to pay to get your data back.
  6. Don’t Allow Employees To Download Unauthorized Software. One of the fastest ways to access your network is by embedding malicious code in seemingly harmless apps.
  7. Don’t Scrimp On A Good Firewall. Your firewall is the frontline defense against hackers, so you need a really good one with monitoring and maintenance done regularly.

Want Help In Implementing These 7 Essentials?
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