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Finally, A Managed IT Services Provider Who Won’t Force You Into A “One Size Fits All” Solution, or a Binding Annual Contract

CloudPoint Technology Managed It Services Provider

What we do is simple. We install and set up network servers and workstations in business offices, and create a custom-designed digital environment that meets the needs of that office’s workflow. We then remotely monitor and maintain that network making sure it runs the way it should, and providing immediate support on those rare occasions when it doesn’t. We also provide businesses with many network add-on features like cloud storage, data backup and recovery, encrypted email, and more.

We have been doing this professionally for nearly twenty years. We try to separate ourselves by making our follow-up customer support after the sale, just as important as adding new customers.

“CloudPoint Technology has been extremely helpful with remote login. They have been readily accessible on many occasions. Very pleasant and easy to work with.” — Elizabeth K. Hensley, Family Health Associates

We suspect isn’t the first website you’ve visited in search of a managed services provider of IT solutions. In fact, we’re betting the phrase Managed IT Services Provider will be burned into your brain for years to come because you’ve seen it on the websites of a dozen other providers who all claim to do the exact same things we do, with very little variance in the details.
So how do you really get down to the differences between one provider and another? The answer lies in the details, and how straightforward providers are with their information.

For example, one of the biggest MSPs of IT services in the United States, Earthlink Business, says this on its website under the heading Hosted Solutions and Support:

 Leverage technology with integrated, reliable and cost-effective hosted solutions that are simple to adopt and scale. When compared to the traditional “build and provision it yourself” model, hosted solutions give you flexibility and accelerated time to market. You are able to add features and services as they become available versus investing in hardware and software that may quickly become outdated.

Do you know what that means?

We’re not sure we do either.

A “Build and provision it yourself” model?

We’re not even sure what we’re supposed to take away from the heading “Hosted Solutions and Support.”

Maybe if you’re background is in IT, or if you’re a very enthusiastic network systems hobbyist, you can decipher exactly what it is one of the largest providers of managed services around is trying to say, but for everybody else, here’s a summary:

You don’t have to be tied to the computer at your desk to get work done. Today work gets done on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, all of which, conveniently, don’t have to stay in one place. Not only are we all working mobile more often, we’re all multitasking, and forever finding new ways to get things done.

So ideally a modern computer network for a small business has to be able to handle an assortment of devices, be accessible from almost anywhere, and be able to keep up with the new software and gadgets that might soon be flavor of the month in your industry.

Businesses operating on networks capable of delivering that work environment are equipped to function better, get more done in less time, and as a result, make more money.

That’s basically the best a company serving more than 65,000 small businesses can offer. Hire them and your devices will sync, your apps will apply, and your network will hum.

Well guess what? Like we mentioned earlier, that is the same claim every other MSP on the block says on their website too.

So what separates one MSP from another?

The people and the philosophy are the biggest difference-makers.

We’re a small business too, and we’ve been around long enough to know small businesses like ours, and yours, don’t last long without being personable, positive, and proud of the end result.

When a small staff comes together, hinge their livelihoods upon one another, and take ownership of a business, it’s not long before that small business is more than just a business. It evolves into something larger and more impactful. Successful small businesses become a brand.

Employee #235-23043 of one of the giant MSPs, to whom your support call just happens to be routed to on a Tuesday evening, five minutes before quitting time, doesn’t care one whit whether your issue is resolved correctly. He’s just a guy doing a job, trying to get to the next payday, and won’t be greatly affected one way or another if you get mad enough to switch providers.

To Employee #235-23043, a brand is the logo on his shirt, and all it takes to establish one is the help of a good graphic artist. He has little-to-no respect for the hard work it took to get your business off the ground and to make it grow to the point where a viable computer network is integral to your success.

We prioritize getting employees like this out of our company.

Small businesses build their brand on being the best they can be for their customers. In our case, since our basic services rival any being offered today, we have to excel in our people skills, and it’s not that difficult.

We’re not flashy.

We didn’t spend more than the average American makes in one year just to design and build our website.

We just take the time to understand your business and work with you to custom fit a solution to the needs of your business, as opposed to a package pre-designed to fit better in an inside-panel brochure environment than in your business environment.

At least one person in every office CloudPoint Technology serves develops a first-name basis rapport with a CloudPoint technician. Some of our support calls are more reminiscent of a conversation between old friends who haven’t spoken in a while, rather than one filled with awkward silences while both parties wait for a software installation to play itself out.

So CloudPoint Technology’s one-up on the competition is personalized service by a personable staff who want nothing more than for your workflow to function as it should, because it makes us feel good to help others succeed.

So our philosophy is this:

We do things differently here at CloudPoint Technology because we hate being stuck in those long-term contracts too. All we ask of our Managed IT Services customers is that they sign an agreement stating they will give us 30 days notice before stopping our service.

It is our philosophy if you aren’t happy with our services you should be free to go elsewhere and find a service that better meets your needs. We don’t want our customers to be held hostage, against their will, for any reason. That’s just not good for anyone .

So you have our guarantee our Managed IT Services, Remote Monitoring, services, will meet your needs, and keep your office running as it should, with technology that works right when you need it to, or else the fix for it is just a phone call away.

Want to know more? Here is a rundown of our services.

The best way to get to know us is by requesting a free network assessment. This a no-strings-attached evaluation of the health of your current network. We review what you have, and then diagnose any problems we might find. If you want us to fix it, then we can fix it. If you don’t, then you are free to hire whoever you choose to repair the issues. The best part is the assessment won’t cost you a single dime. Find out more by clicking the link below.

Request a free, no-strings-attached network assessment.

We want to be your Managed IT Services Provider

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