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The Best Way to Keep Your Employees from Fouling Up Your In-House Network Server is Moving it to the Cloud


There is a strong possibility that every single day your entire network of computers currently keeping your office running is open to the single biggest security risk on the Internet today — the employees using it.

Yeah, that’s right. The very people you rely on to get things done every single day are the same ones who inadvertently put your office network at risk time after time, day after day.

Here’s why…

For many years now, there has been an increase in the demand for flexible work schedules to make getting both professional, and personal, tasks done, and the more stuff we all have to do on any given day, the more flexible we have to become. The easiest way of accommodating  this flexibility is by allowing employees to do at least some work from outside the office.

Hey, that’s great. We’re positive your employees applaud you for allowing it because it helps simplify their lives and allows them to manage their time the best way to fit their needs. Here’s the problem with it though. If your server is located in your office, then everything that is done outside the office setting has to either be brought in on some kind of disk, sent through email, or via some type of FTP setup. Each of these methods pose a threat to your computer network, and that threat is rooted in the lack of security features found on the home PC (and most office PCs for that matter).

CloudPoint Technology has a partner business called Mr. Fix IT, which is a PC, smartphone, tablet, and other gadget repair business, and we know from the experience of working on computers brought in by the public that virtually NONE of the discussion about computer viruses and malware over the years has registered in the at-large public consciousness. We see computers every week that have simply been neglected from the security point of view. We often even see the same computers brought back again and again with the same malware them, which we believe gets there the same way over and over again despite our pleading with customers to install adequate protection on their machines and to stay away from certain corners of the Internet.

So when your employees bring in, or ship in, files from home, it’s hard to tell what kind of digital disease the data might be infected with by the time it arrives. Whatever digital disease it might be could very well be the one that destroys the infrastructure of your network.

Sure, your in-house protection software should be able to pick up infected files easily, but that only works if your in-house protection is set up correctly, and it gets updated frequently.

Our experience with businesses has us convinced that offices who don’t have a full-time IT professional on staff, or don’t bring in a third-party company like CloudPoint Technology to manage their IT needs, rarely keep adequate virus protection active and up-to-date on their networks. It’s the kind of thing the owner’s nephew, Steve from accounting, or whoever set the network up, don’t keep up with because they have other responsibilities to focus on every day.

Your data is far too precious to allow it to be put at risk like this every single day. If your data would get wiped out by malware or a virus it could very well put you out of business, if not for just a few days or weeks, then permanently. So why leave this gaping hole in your security in your network, and essentially leaving the door open to data disaster? What you need is your own cloud server that resides off-site and is protected and monitored by IT professionals.

The cloud server can give all of your staff it’s own little corner in your own private cloud that houses files from your business.

Most cloud server services, ours included, comes with VM Data Backup as part of the package. CloudPoint’s cloud server service includes seven days of data retention built on daily snapshots automatically taken and recorded. What this means is if something goes wrong on Wednesday, we can back up to Tuesday, or as far back as the previous Thursday, to reset things to the way they were before the disaster. With an additional data backup and recovery package, your backup options can go back even further than seven days.

So adding a cloud storage option for everyone in your office just makes sense not only from a data safety perspective, but also from the perspective of keeping employees happy. Happy employees generally equal productive employees.

Still not sure?

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