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This is the Biggest Tech Problem Many Businesses Overlook Until It’s Too Late

Computer Network Security

We get asked this question a lot.

“Hey, why are you guys always going on and on and on about network security?”

Trust us. We are well aware of the fact that we go on and on and on about security. We do this for two reasons.

The first reason we go on and on and on about security is it really is THAT important. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, whether or not you have just one computer, or a whole network of computers, the data stored there is always at risk of being stolen or destroyed by hackers, viruses, and malware. If an office doesn’t put preventive measures in place to prevent that from happening, and diligently keep those measures up to date, the likelihood of it happening to that office go way up. They go from being a remote possibility to being somewhat of a guarantee something bad is going to eventually go down.

The second reason we go on and on and on about security is we run into so many businesses, some of whom we’ve worked with, that ignore the advice and continue to run without protection, and what’s worse, some of these same businesses aren’t even backing up their data so its retrievable when things wrong. Backup is a major element of internet security. Your data isn’t very secure if one slip up can destroy it all.

Old timers have always said, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink, and our experiences with communicating the dangers of poor security to business owners over the years has validated the saying.

We’ve led plenty of horses to the water, and there have been some who just refuse to take a drink.

Last year we got a call from one of those horses last year. His entire network was wrecked and it was totally preventable. It would have only taken a little diligence at keeping things up to date, backed up, and safe.

Keeping antivirus and malware software up to date is as important as changing the oil in your car every few thousand miles. New threats are cropping up daily, and software developers are continually tweaking things to combat them.

The antivirus and malware software isn’t the only thing needing to be kept up to date. Operating systems and web browsers need regular updating too. Like their antivirus counterparts, the makers of these products also try to stay on top of the latest threats. Old versions of Windows are much easier for hackers to enter and manipulate than the new versions of Windows does. The same goes for Internet browsers.

If you aren’t one of our managed IT clients, then we suggest designating someone in your office to be in charge of making sure these updates are being done by everyone. This adds accountability to the equation and ensures the work will be done. Also, if you aren’t one of our managed IT clients, then why not? We’re alright people and we know what we’re doing.

Updating these applications are only part of the equation. The other part of the equation is managing the human element. Offices should set clear guidelines about who can access what, and how they access it. Requiring strong passwords, and making users change them on a regular basis also helps curb the chances of in-house issues.

Office technology is the spine on which the body of work is built. So it is important to keep it healthy and in working order. When it’s not in great shape, running slow, infected with viruses, or hacked, this spine goes from making money for you, to costing you money with lost productivity and maybe even replacement costs.

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