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CloudPoint Client’s Encrypted Data Under Attack By Snooping Federal Investigators, We Must Stop it For Colonel Sanders’s Sake

When customers subscribe to an encrypted email service, they do so with the faith that it is, in fact, truly encrypted, and that NO ONE, is going to have access to the sensitive information being sent. If this kind of privacy wasn’t important to our clients, and subsequently their clients, they would just continue using their regular email services, which are already subject to inspection by federal eyes.

This exclusion from encrypted data is irritating federal investigative agencies.

The federal government is begging cybersecurity experts to find a way that would allow them to access encrypted emails  for investigative purposes.

So far, their efforts have been met with some resistance by the cybersecurity community because if backdoor access to encrypted email data, then that would also leave that same door open to hackers too.

This would be bad news for everybody involved.

At present, with good encryption services, like the one we use, not even the administrators of the servers hosting the email service can crack open your encrypted data and view it. The only people who can crack it and view it are the person who sent it, and the person, or people, it is being sent to.


Fun Fact: Today, using CloudPoint’s encrypted email service, Colonel Sanders could email a list of the 11 secret herbs and spices used in his fried chicken recipe without worry about it being intercepted and read by a third party.

As things stand today, if Colonel Sanders decided to email his brother in law a list of the eleven secret herbs and spices he uses in his chicken recipe, then he could do so without worrying anyone but his brother in law would see the data. His list would be protected by encryption from the moment he hit send, to the moment it is downloaded into his brother in law’s email client.

No one in between the email exchange could access the data it contained, not even the people who own the servers the information passed through going from sender to recipient.

If the federal investigators get their way, and an access point is created so they can snoop through everything sent via email, encrypted or not, then Colonel Sanders couldn’t send such an email without worrying some third party might intercept it, and sell it to the highest bidder between Bojangles or Popeye’s.

So while Colonel Sanders’s data is protected from prying eyes today, it might not always be that way if we allow the federal government to have their way on this issue.

For the moment, however, you can rest assured that no one, not even our snoop-happy government can access information you send via emails encrypted with services like the one we offer here at CloudPoint Technology. And this is how it must stay if businesses are to have any protection over trade secrets and other sensitive data that is communicated by email.

The fate of business owners like Colonel Sanders is in our hands, and we can’t let the colonel down. We must continue to protect our data, 100%, from end to end, without any backdoor access to anyone. Not even the government. The secrecy of those 11 herbs and spices, or whatever your business secrets might be, depend on it.

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