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CloudPoint Technology the Home of Free Will Managed IT For Businesses

You know the absolute worst part about phone contracts, cable contracts, many gym memberships, and even most agreements for Managed IT Services? It’s those dang year-long contracts you’re locked into. With many of these services you are locked into a contract for the full term whether you decide halfway through you don’t like the service or not, unless you want to pay a big fee to get out of it for breaking the contract.

We do things differently here at CloudPoint Technology because we hate being stuck in those long-term contracts too. All we ask of our Managed IT Services customers is that they sign an agreement stating they will give us 30 days notice before stopping our service. That’s it.

It is our philosophy if you aren’t happy with our services you should be free to go elsewhere and find a service that better meets your needs. We don’t want our customers to be held hostage, against their will, for any reason. That’s just not good for anyone.

So you have our guarantee our Managed IT Services, Remote Monitoring, services, will meet your needs, and keep your office running as it should, with technology that works right when you need it to, or else the fix for it is just a phone call away.

Our customers simply want to be our customers, and that’s the way we like it.

CloudPoint Technology Features a No Hassle, Leave When You Want to, Managed IT Solution, Where Our Business Clients Aren’t Locked Into Year-Long Contracts, But Can Fire Us And Walk Away Without Penalty, Any Time We’re Not Meeting Expectations

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