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If Your Business Plan is Missing This One Element, Then There is a $10,000 Hole in it Big Enough to Sink You

Having a solid computer backup plan complete with a data recovery solution is vital to businesses of all sizes, because if you can’t backup and restore your data, you risk losing it, and subsequently losing your business as a whole.

Your business fingerprint is in the data you store on your computer network. Every layer of customer data makes the little fingerprint ridges, your billing data makes the swirls, and your financial data is essentially what gives those ridges and swirl an actual body to imprint. The moment you lose this data, which if you’re not prepared can easily happen, your entire essence as a functional business disappears with it.

Who are my customers?

Who owes me money?

To whom do I owe money?

What am I supposed to do without my data?

Unfortunately, every year there are businesses who ask themselves that very question, but they don’t ask that question until they are in a panic, trying to recover every byte of data lost in a computer network crash of Biblical proportions. In other words, they don’t ask the question, “What am I supposed to do without my data,” until their data is gone, and it’s already way too late.

Think of it like an insurance policy for your data, and in that regard, it doesn’t do any good to try buying it as an after-the-fact solution when disaster strikes.

Let’s say you’re run an accounting firm that just opened three years ago, but is already in a position to challenge some of the biggest names in town. Then one morning you get a call.

“Uh, hey man, we’ve got some bad news,” the caller says.

“Oh no, what’s that?” You reply.

“Well, the office burned down.”

After a few seconds of panicked silence, you reply.

“Quick, call the fire insurance company and get a policy to cover the building. We’ll just get reimbursed and rebuild as quickly as possible.”

Wouldn’t things be grand if it worked THAT way, huh? Unfortunately though, buying an insurance policy after the fact in post-disaster mode is little more than a too-good-to-be-true fantasy. The same is essentially true when it comes to data protection plans. If a system to ensure business continuity wasn’t in place, and being maintained, prior to a network crash, then when you call up an IT professional requesting they attempt recovering deleted files from the ether, you can probably hear them salivate over the phone because to them you are a juicy lamb being stumbling directly into their slaughterhouse full of wolves. They will charge you unbelievable amounts of money to TRY recovering lost data, without any promises of any of it being fully recovered.

CloudVault by CloudPoint Technology: Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

The good news to all of this is there are plenty of affordable options out there to protect your business against the kind of IT disasters that can erase your data and potentially put you out of business altogether.

CloudVault Data Backup and Recovery is CloudPoint Technology’s best offering for protecting business continuity. Our plan hinges on doing server backups off-site, and keeping that off-site data protected via multiple levels of backup that go off-site again at the data center level.

CloudVault is essentially a cloud backup service in that your backups are made automatically via an Internet connection between your office and a well-protected data center whose primary job IS protecting backed up data.

No fears about being a bandwidth hog, and backing up everything you have, every single night. No. This backup system is managed as an incremental backup, meaning the only things getting backed up throughout the day is the data that is either new, or affected by change.

We have Backup and Disaster Recovery plans that serve both the recovery of individual desktop computers, as well as a backup and restoration of the entire server. Our service plans are also compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server, Oracle Database Servers, and MySQL Servers. Your data is backed up not only on just a regular basis, but also in real-time, and there is no “Let’s hope this works,” if a network crashes. Your data recovery plan will be simulated on a regular basis making sure everything is in place for a smooth recovery in an hour or less should a situation arise where that is necessary. We can even restore your network to any point within the past 30 days, or even longer with some plans.

CloudVault Data Backup and Recovery Specs:


Continuous Data Protection

Scheduled Backups

Advanced Scheduled Backups

Bit level in-file Delta

Bandwidth Throttling

Seed Load

Quick Ship

Retention up to 30 days

Advanced Retention (Unlimited)

Multiple Backup Sets

Filter By Folders

Filter by any pattern

Cloud Backup

Local or Network Backup




Open File BAckup

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Excange Mail Level

Microsoft SQL Server

Oracle Database Server

MySQL Server

Any Application – Pre-Backup



AES 256-bit Encryption

Private Key Encryption

128-bit SSL Transport

SAS-70 Type II Facilities


Platforms and Operating Systems:

Windows, Microsoft Hyper-V Server

VMWare ESX, ESXi, Server

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:

Recover to similar hardware

Recover to Dissimilar Hardware

Recover to VMWare

REcover to Hyper-V

Rapid REcovery to Oracle VirtualBox

Recover File from Backup Image

VirtualBoot – Boot into Virtual Machine Instantly

Backup and Recovery of Windows Desktop Operating Systems

Backup and Recovery of Windows Server Operating Systems


Centralized Management:

Master Web Portal

Mutli-Level User Management

Web based Reporting

Email Reporting

Web Services API

Request A FREE Data Security Analysis

What kind of data backup and recovery plan would best fit the needs for your business? Don’t wait until it’s too late to ask the question. We will help you get a better understanding of your current situation, and what would be ideal for protecting your business continuity through our absolutely FREE, no-strings-attached, Data Security Analysis.

With your blessing, we thoroughly go over your network and that data it stores, and tell you where your vulnerabilities lie, and what actions would be right for you.

This free Data Security Analysis is a new service that we only recently started doing as a trial run, so you might want to jump on this opportunity before we decide pull that “Free, no-strings-attached” element of it, and start charging potential customers for the time it takes us to actually do one of these analyses. So REGISTER now!

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