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How to Stop Losing Documents Finally and Forever

Office real estate is at a premium, so why are you still filling it up with those massive file cabinets full of paperwork, half of which, you rarely ever need to use? It is time to move into the digital world my friend, and not only save space, but also protect your information with data backup and recovery protection.

There are dozens of document management solutions on the market today, and we seemingly tried every one of them before partnering with DocsVault to be the small business document management solution we provide for our customers. We continue to believe in DocsVault because of it’s intuitive architecture, powerful file security controls, and a highly accurate search function to make sure files never get lost.

With DocsVault you capture an image of a file, edit it, email it, and store it in the proper place with just a few mouse clicks, or by saying a few simple commands using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognition Software.

The capture and editing features are at the heart of digital document management systems. A document can be scanned directly into the application, where it is converted into an editable format, which makes updating it a snap.

Security features enable office managers to restrict who has access to which files, or even which parts of files, and provides privacy protection where needed for businesses managing delicate information.

Other DocsVault’s Features:

  • Document Capture and Management:
  • MS Office Integration
  • Windows Explorer Integration
  • DocsVault PDF Printer
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Folder Templates
  • Backup and Restore Tools
  • Integrated Scanning Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Full Text Search
  • PDF Conversion
  • Connect Remote Office
  • Built-in PDF Editor and Viewer
  • PDF Correction Tools
  • Document Tasks and Reminders
  • Quick Email

We have hundreds of clients using DocsVault for their document management needs. We provide each of them live support at any time. Our support technicians can answer your how-to questions, offer suggestions for implementation into your workflow, and even help you refine DocVault’s settings to fit your specific needs. In other words, by becoming a DocsVault user through CloudPoint Technology, you also get access to expert assistance whenever you need it.

Talk to the experts today, and learn how DocsVault can make your life easier.

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