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Don’t Let Snowstorms Get You Down, Make Your Office Work-From-Anywhere Capable


Here is the view from our front porch Thursday, March 5.


In recent weeks West Virginia has been hit by some hefty snowstorms which made travel dangerous, and resulted in many businesses shutting down for days because employees just couldn’t safely get to the office. The result was every business owner’s nightmare –– lost productivity. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With the right setup, almost any office can be a work-from-home office.

The ability to work from almost anywhere, and still have access to everything needed to get the job done, is the single biggest perk of making the move to the cloud. When crazy events like snowstorms and flooding hit, even if the power is out at the office, your data can still be accessed with multiple devices, and from anyplace with an internet connection.

So rather than missing out on days of work, the job can still safely be getting done from the comfort, and safety, of home, or even a hotel room two states away.  The safety isn’t just for the employees who won’t have to brave the treacherous road conditions, we also mean your data and connection are also safe in a properly maintained, modern cloud server situation.

Our data centers are monitored 24-7, use the latest encryption techniques, employs the latest hacker protection, and is kept on a second server, in another geographic location. This means your data is safe, secure, and always available.


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