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EHR Experts Have A Secret Weapon Against Excessive Data Entry – Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Edition

It seems every time we make technological leap forward it comes with a brand new tedium associated with it. In the case of the electronic health records initiative, that tedium is all the data entry that has to be done for each patient.

We hear it all the time. Medical professionals saying, “Give us a break with the typing already.” Apparently the developers at Nuance heard those same grumbles and decided to do something about it.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Edition is the Secret Weapon Against EHR Hassles

Nuance took the core of its speech recognition software, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and jammed it full of medical knowledge and specialty terms to create Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Edition, the perfect solution for the biggest single gripe medical professionals have about EHR. The result is software that allows you to navigate from application to application, form field to form field, and then enter the data at each stop, all by the sound of your voice.

It has been proven most people can speak three times faster than they can type. With the ability to navigate and enter data via the faster vehicle of speech, Dragon users can shave hours of time of data entry from their work day every single month. This is a brand new level of productivity, and without it, doctors and nurses are burning up hour after hour of their valuable time clicking a mouse, or trying to hit the right form field with a finger on the touch screen of a tablet.

It’s time to put an end to this madness, reclaim your time, and unleash the full power of EHR.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Edition is the Secret Weapon Against EHR Hassles

Here’s what several doctors have told Nuance about the Medical Edition of their software:

Dr. Jon Wahrenberger, Cardiologist, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
“Since using version 10, I’m discovering far fewer errors. The accuracy of version 10 is significantly better.”

Dr. Brian Zimmerman, Emergency Physician, Premier Health
“I just dictated for about 30 minutes in our Epic EMR system (using Dragon Medical 10) with only three mistakes. Pretty amazing!”

Dr. Pierce Sanders, Kaiser Permanente
“Wow! Fast! Accurate ! I didn’t think it could get any better.”

See more doctor testimonials about this software on the Nuance website.

Features of Dragon Medical Practice Edition:

Microsoft® Windows® Vista® 64–bit Editions Support – Version 10.1!
Dragon Medical 10.1 can now be installed and supported on Microsoft Windows Vista 64–bit operating systems.

Updated Epic® and Cerner® Support – Version 10.1!
Dragon Medical 10.1 offers Epic and Cerner users an even better experience than 10.0 as it´s fully compatible with text boxes of existing Cerner PowerNote™ releases and Epic´s summer 2009 release

Voice Shortcuts for Medical Web Search – Version 10.1!
Physicians can now search medical data via a single voice command on WebMD®, UpToDate®, PubMed™ and ICD-9.
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Dragon Medical Template Library – Version 10.1!
Dragon Medical 10.1 comes with a library of over two dozen macros for many visit types and an extensive list of medical normals by body system.
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More Accurate Than Ever.
20% more accurate than Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 9—and over 38% more accurate than Dragon Professional 10 when used in clinical settings.

EHR Support.
Navigate and dictate inside EHR software; History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, assessment and plan.

Medical Vocabularies.
More specialties than ever! Covers nearly 80 specialties and subspecialties. Dictate with confidence using your specialty’s vocabulary.

Regional Accent Support.
Accented speakers get higher out-of-the-box recognition with advanced adaptation techniques and accent-specific acoustic models.

Supports HIPAA Regulations.
Protect patient confidentiality.

Hidden Mode.
Dictate anywhere in the EHR, eliminating navigation between EHR screens and the notes window.
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Medical Formatting Rules.
Expands abbreviations and follows capitalization rules. “HPI” can appear as either “History of Present Illness”, “history of present illness”, or “HPI.”

PowerMic™ Ready.
Program buttons to run any function or user voice command.

Personal voice commands appear in Command browser for faster use.

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