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Never Send Another Vulnerable Email Again With CloudPoint’s Email Encryption Service


CloudPoint Technology's Email Encryption Service

Chances are if you don’t know what kind of email encryption is currently being used to protect your email messages from prying eyes, it’s probably wide-open to cyber-snoops, trolls, and hackers. These are just the facts.

What your email service provider doesn’t tell you is the email security employed by most of them is flimsy when matched against a determined hacker or persistent digital bug. Your emails are virtually unprotected from the time it is sent until it is received/downloaded by the intended recipient. That vulnerability means the information you email, be it highly-important business plans, or even worse, highly-sensitive customer information, are just waiting to be plucked from cyberspace by someone looking for data to sell to the highest bidder at some deep web auction.

What is Encryption?

The concept of encryption is a simple one. In fact, it’s so simple it has been used by spies, and others with secrets to protect, for hundreds of years before the dawn of the digital age.

A great example of what encryption is can be seen in the movie classic “A Christmas Story.”

In the movie, A Christmas Story, Ralphie saved up his Ovaltine points and uses them to buy a Little Orphan Annie decoder ring. He was excited when it came in the mail because it meant he could decode the secret messages incorporated into the Little Orphan Annie radio show. (Watch Ralphie decode his message in A Christmas Story)

When you send an encrypted email, the message you type is deconstructed, converted into a highly complex code based on mathematical formulas only a handful of people in the world can even comprehend. The code is reassembled when the email gets to where it is supposed to go so the recipient can read it too. The result is the only people capable of reading the email are the sender and the recipient. Everyone else who might intercept the message just sees a collection of gobbledygook. For the intended recipient, however, the decoding happens on its own. No need to get out the decoder ring when your protected email messages arrive either. Everything now is done with email encryption software, so you don’t have to lift more than just a finger to click with.

Improve Email Security With Simple to Use, One-Click Encryption

With CloudPoint’s Encrypted Email Service you send secure email that is protected from mailbox to mailbox, and all points in between, with just one click right in your Microsoft Outlook Email Client. Protecting email doesn’t get any simpler, or more effective, than that. Don’t use Outlook? Our email encryption software includes a web portal, which allows you to send encrypted emails via any web browser, from any location.

How to Read an Encrypted Email Sent Through CloudPoint’s Email Encryption

One of the biggest beefs email encryption enthusiasts have had for some time now is the hassle involved with receiving an encrypted email, especially if it was encrypted using something not installed on the receiver’s workstation or server. Users had to either download something separately in order to read it, or go to a website where they could view it. Either way it was just enough of an extra step to be irritating, especially if you deal with a lot of encryption. Our service eliminates the hassle for the receiver of the message too. They do not have to be active clients to be able to read the email, or to even respond to the email with an encrypted response. In fact, it is even possible to set the preferences so those customers you regularly communicate with via email can encrypt NEW MESSAGES to you without having to go find an already encrypted conversation from a previous date.

Another must-have feature for our email encryption service is the email tracking software that is included with it. You can track your email, know when it’s read by the recipient, know who they’ve sent it to, and you can even recall it or delete it right from your email client.

What can you track with Delivery Slip:

  • A “Message Details” module expands to give you information about the secure message settings, including the quick view Message Tracking Grid, Message ID information, Freeze Options, Tracking Options and Enhanced Security Options.
  • The Message Tracking Grid gives you information about the message subject, the sender, the list of recipients, and what actions have been performed on the secure message. This information may also include if the “Delivery Slip” has been reviewed, if the message has been retrieved (read and decrypted), forwarded, replied to, printed or deleted.
  • Below the message tracking grid is additional information about the selected secure message, such as the date it was sent, unique Message ID and the status of the secure message.
  • The “Tracking Options” section shows whether the sender elected to track this secure message, and share the tracking results with all recipients.The “Enhanced Security Options” section shows whether the message has Reply Freeze or Forward Freeze enabled, if the message can be recalled by the sender, or if it is set For Your Eyes Only.
  • Use the “Message Attachments” Module to download file attachments that were included with this secure message. There are no restrictions on file sizes. Simply click on the file name to gain access to the different actions available with this file attachment.
  • The Message Tracking Module contains additional information about the tracking details of the selected secure message.

Email Encryption and the HIPAA Privacy Act

Our Email Encryption Service meets all of the guidelines outlined in the HIPAA Privacy Act, and the continually evolving electronic health records initiative. This secure email service puts the lockdown on private data, so it protects both you and your patients.

Learn More about CloudPoint Technology’s CipherPost Pro.

CipherPost Pro is also compatible with Microsoft Office 365, the web-based subscription version of Microsoft Office.

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