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Free Cloud Readiness Assessment And Cost Analysis Gets You Started

As a prospective customer, you are eligible for this FREE Cloud Readiness And Cost Analysis.

Free of charge (a $297 value), one of our expert cloud computing engineers will walk you through our 3-step Cloud Readiness process:

1. Cost Analysis and Inventory. We’ll look at your current network hardware, software, data and applications. We’ll also compile an IT cost assessment to reveal your total spend on IT, including Internet connectivity, support and other fees. Our goal is to find ways we can significantly lower your overall IT costs while simplifying and improving your workflow.

2. Cloud Readiness Assessment. After looking at the above areas, we then look at how you and your employees work and see how well your applications or processes will move to the cloud to improve ease of use and lower costs.

3. Cloud Action Plan. When the assessment is complete, we’ll give you a comprehensive plan that shows how we can save you money and resolve a number of workarounds and problems you have been experiencing to date. Even if you decide not to hire us, this third-party assessment will give you a good idea of what you are able to do with the power of cloud computing.

Get yours FREE through Christmas 2015.

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