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How a Geographically Scattered Staff Produced Award Winning Work in the Cloud

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The concept of The Cloud is entrenched into the business world’s lexicon, but what amazes us, is that so many still don’t have a good understanding of what the term means, and how it can benefit their business.

Perhaps the best way to broach those specifics is to pull from personal experience.

Prior to my tenure here at CloudPoint Tech, I was firmly ensconced in the field of journalism. In fact, at one point, specifically around 2007, I became the regional editor of five weekly newspapers circulated throughout southern West Virginia.

As the editor of five weekly newspapers whose writers were scattered throughout the region, and whose layout and design all took place at one location in Culloden, I had a problem on my hands.

What’s the most efficient way to get stories from Point A to Point B, and occasionally back to Point A when changes were needed, only to be sent back to Point B after they are made?

This dilemma couldn’t have been timed more perfectly in tech terms.

In that year, 2007, Google launched this neat little application called Google Docs, which was the equivalent of Microsoft Word, only it was available for free, and online. Not only was it available free, and online, it also allowed for the sharing of documents and folders with the accounts of other users. In addition to that, it even made it possible for two people to be in one document, from remote locations, and work on it at the same time. At the time this was revolutionary for collaboration.

In other words, Google Docs was a cloud-based application. A cloud-based application is one that is not stored on your network directly, but one that you can access and use as if it was. The beauty of it is it can be accessed from anywhere, and with practically any device.

We established a system in which the entire newspaper staff used Google Docs, and rather than emailing stories back and forth with editors, they simply dropped those stories into folders labeled with upcoming publication dates. From there, copy editors could access the stories, I could see which assignments were completed, and which were still due. I could then distribute those stories to the layout team so the newspapers could get laid out and printed on time.

Using The Cloud simplified our lives. It made working together with our coworkers a breeze, and for the most part, we never really even had to see each other.

How well did it work?

We always delivered the paper on time, and the enhanced collaboration efforts led to producing award winning content. Those are the kind of results that speak for themselves.

Making this happen just a few years earlier would have been a headache that involved a ton of back and forth emails, or cumbersome delivery of discs and other storage devices. Thankfully, this newspaper project fell right at the exact moment Google unveiled Google Docs for users.

It wasn’t until later that I realized what we were using was The Cloud.

Now there are countless more programs that are cloud-based and can be used in office settings much the same way we used it in the production of a newspaper nearly 10 years ago. Efficiency has never been as efficient as it can be today with the flexibility cloud solutions provide.

I know what you’re thinking, because we hear it all the time.

“Aren’t I putting my files at risk when I used cloud-based programs?”

The answer to that question is not really.

Chances are, if your office network wasn’t set-up and is continually maintained by a professional IT person, then there is a good chance your current network is already wide open to hackers. In that case, using the cloud isn’t any more of a risk than just being connected to the Internet.

If you have an in-house IT staff, or you have a managed IT solution like CloudPoint Technology doing it for you, then your existing network should be secure, even when using the cloud.

In reality there is no such thing as a hack-proof network. If a hacker wants to get in badly enough, they can find a way to do it. The goal with quality security is to make it as difficult and time consuming as possible to access valuable data. When properly set-up, cloud options can be just as secure as your in-house network, and isn’t at any more of a risk than your existing, in-house data.

Our technicians can explain the security aspect of the cloud much more thoroughly than that, and show you precisely how the data you store in the cloud will be protected. In fact, they will do this for free when you request a Free Cloud Computing Consultation and Assessment.

We will help you find the best ways to implement the cloud into your workflow to optimize mobility, and bring everyone together for better collaboration and teamwork.

Request your  Free Cloud Computing Consultation and Assessment today.

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