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Get Rid of SPAM Once and For All by Taking Iron-Fisted Control Over Your Inbox


The secret to a happy Inbox is having a good SPAM filter.

This is one of those inevitable truths of life like, “If it can go wrong it probably will go wrong,” or even, “Lost keys will always be found in the very last place you think to look for them.”

Gmail, Yahoo!, and even most web hosting companies provide users with at least some type of SPAM filter with their email service options, but as we have all learned from using them over the past 20 years is that those SPAM filters are only moderately effective. They let in far too many sketchy emails to be recommended as a real SPAM-blocking option. So if those are the only SPAM-blockers you’ve ever experienced using, you might be surprised to know that there are much better options out there for keeping the crap out of our work email accounts.

Nobody likes SPAM unless it's cut up and fried first, and it's never cut up and fried in your Inbox.

Nobody likes SPAM unless it’s cut up and fried first, and it’s never cut up and fried in your Inbox.

When I first started using the SPAM-filter offered by CloudPoint Technology most of my SPAM-blocking experience was with the built-in variety found in common online-email services like those mentioned above. In fact, I’ve had my personal Gmail account since 2005 and it presently filters out several hundred messages per day for me, and even at that pace it doesn’t get all of the SPAM this old, heavily-used email account accrues throughout the day.

So when I began using SecureTide SPAM-blocking through CloudPoint I was surprised at how efficient it was, and how easy it was to use, and how easy it was to monitor to make sure the right email was being filtered out.

What this SPAM-blocker not only blocks everything it perceives as SPAM, which is something it is innately good at, but it also sends out a daily accounting of all of the messages it held as SPAM making it easy to browse through blocked messages to make sure no important ones accidently get tagged as SPAM and eventually deleted for that reason.

Every day I get an email that says, “Today’s Daily Held SPAM report.” The email includes the list of that day’s blocked emails including the sender’s email address, the subject, the date and time, and from which country the email originated. It then gives me the option to view or release each email in case I need to investigate further, or mark an email as being “Not Junk.”

The result has been one of the cleanest inboxes I have ever had for an email account. SecureTIde works at the server level, and in the case of us here at CloudPoint, our email is setup on an exchange server, and SecureTide filters out SPAM no matter which device is used to check my email. It is truly a beautiful thing.

It is by far the best SPAM filter I have ever used.

Isn’t it time you took control of your inbox too? Find out more about CloudPoint Technology’s SPAM filter, and our email encryption options so you can keep snoops and SPAM both out of your inbox too.

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