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Here’s the Secret to Dealing With That Messy, Disorganized Co-Worker


Everyone who works in an office with three or more people, understands that not everybody applies the same diligence to organization and workflow that others do. There’s always somebody whose desk is a mess, and whose computer desktop can only be described as pure anarchy.

Inevitably the anarchist’s favorite quote seems to be, “Yeah, it’s here somewhere. Wait a minute….”

In your office it might be you. It might be your neighbor. It might even be your boss. It could be anyone, but one thing is sure, your office probably has one.

Here at CloudPoint Technology it’s me, the marketing guy, who is the absolute worst at keeping things organized, especially the files on my computer. (Well, to be honest, the bossman has a bad case of this too, just don’t tell him I said that.)

My workstation is a play area, and I’m the kind of kid who likes to have all the Legos on the floor in front of me before I start to build anything. I’ve been known to take everything off the shelf when trying to find exactly what I’m looking for, and then neglect to put any of it away, or even pick any of it up. At the very least, when I do put all the crap on my desktop away I use the bulldozer method. I just scrape everything  into one big pile and shove it in a corner so it is out of the way.

On my computer, that equates to just taking all of those files I save onto my desktop and shoving them all into one random folder because I’m afraid to delete something I might actually need, but I don’t want to take the time to examine each file.

I know I’m not alone. I’ve seen it from others everywhere I’ve ever worked, and inevitably, it would eventually lead to lost files, or lost time, while waiting for the packrat to find the file everyone needs.

Here at CloudPoint, however, this issue has been remedied with a little help from a program called DocsVault.

DocsVault is a document management system that creates a giant shared file cabinet on the local server, so we can store all of the important materials in one place, and all within one office-wide file infrastructure.

To put it simply, it has allowed us to turn our personal workstations into messy playpens without it ultimately becoming detrimental to the rest of the team. My desktop is a mess, and my file system is chaotic, but when it comes to documents someone else might need to see or use, I just stick them in the appropriate place on DocsVault and no one has to see my mess of a process. In other words, when I contribute files to DocsVault for the rest of the office to see and use, they don’t have to see my mess. This is great, because when it comes down to it, nobody really wants to see how sausage is made, nor do they want to see my messy desktop.

DocsVault stores the files, keeps an audit trail of who opens it, what changes they make, and even stores multiple versions of the files just in case someone makes additions that totally screw it up. It even allows the administrators to restrict access to certain files, and to create automated workflows.

When it comes to intra-office shareability DocsVault goes way beyond the simplicity of using something like OneDrive or Google Drive. It forces the entire office to file things away in a uniform, easy-to-find fashion. I’ve never been in an office where it was this easy to quickly find the files that I need. And unlike OneDrive or Google Drive, the files remain on YOUR server. This means no one can restrict your access to your own materials the way Microsoft can, or Google could one day decide to do. It is your own personal cloud-based, file-storage system, that you have 100% complete control over.

Rather than go on about it ad nauseam in this newsletter post, here is a video that goes over, in-depth, nearly everything DocsVault can do, and believe me, what I’ve gone over here is barely scratching the surface.

NOTE: CloudPoint Technology is a vendor for DocsVault. I guess you could also say, we’re not only a vendor, but we’re also a client. If you might have some interest in getting ultra-organized and file-flexible, contact us and we can hook you up with a trial of DocsVault.

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