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HIPAA Violations Can Cost You Millions, Are You in 100% Compliance?

As is the case with many other government mandates, the ins and outs of the HIPAA Act can become a complicated web of tangled policies which take hours to decipher. This has led to many healthcare providers failing to make adequate changes to their practices because they simply don’t have time to study up on the finer details of HIPAA, but ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law.

Since the 2009 passage of the HITECH Act, which requires compliance with updated HIPAA regulations including new security guidelines, pharmacy chains, health plans, hospitals, and physician groups, have been fined millions of dollars. This makes HIPAA compliance more urgent for healthcare providers than ever.

There is far too much at stake today to be lax on your adherence to HIPAA Privacy and Security policies, and CloudPoint Technology is here to help.  We work with medical practices to make sure their in-house policies and security measures are in compliance with every measure outlined in the HITECH Act.

CloudPoint Technology’s HIPAA Consultants have helped hundreds of medical practices, government agencies, and health plans in HIPAA compliance procedures and has consulted with numerous practices and other providers.  Compliance engagements begin with an audit of compliance including a review of existing policies and procedures, the preparation of an audit checklist,  on-site audit including a review of physical facilities, computer systems, and required compliance documentation. We then create a plan of action to get your practice in compliance.

Is your practice on the verge of receiving million dollar fines? Are you sure?

Find out where you stand with HIPAA compliance today by scheduling a free, introductory assessment of your practice.

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