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HIPAA-Safe Email Encryption Makes Communication Worry Free


The need to be able to safely, and securely, transmit medical information by digital means grows every year for healthcare providers. It is the cornerstone of Meaningful Use Requirements. CloudPoint Technology’s CipherPost Pro Email Encryption service makes meeting HIPAA regulations on patient privacy a one-click process.

CipherPost Pro encrypts and protects everything from Provider to Provider communications, making it easier than ever to ship electronic health records (EHR) from one location to the next, resulting in more effective patient care.

Email communications with patients can also be encrypted and protected, making their data as secure as possible.

CipherPost Pro also makes it easy to securely communicate with health insurance providers, which can speed up the claims process, and result in faster payments being issued.

It also reduces the usage of paper when emails can be sent instead of old-fashioned snail mail.

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A great addition to CipherPost Pro for the busy medical office is our document management service, which makes digitizing and storing files a snap.

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