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Hiring a Full-Time IT Manager is Expensive, but Not Hiring Anyone to Manage IT at All Can Be Costly

Many businesses cite cost as the primary reason they don’t hire a full-time IT professional, despite the fact so much of the work being done relies heavily on the computer network, and the computers themselves, to get done.

The problem with that is when the network in one of these offices without a full-time IT professional on-premises goes down, and it will, the entire works comes to a grinding halt.

Files can’t be accessed.

Emails can’t be sent.

The Internet can’t be accessed.

The phone system might even be affected by it too.

Work just can’t get done.

This puts business owners in a bad spot. They need to get things working again as quickly as possible because every minute the computer system is down it is costing the owner money. So what happens when situations get desperate? Bad decisions get made. One of those bad decisions is hiring a computer technician without any real vetting process. Too often we hear stories where finding someone to come out to fix an IT problem immediately quickly turns into a mad dash to just find anybody who knows anything about fixing computers.

Here’s what we’ve found about technicians who are able to pick up a cold call and immediately drop what he/she is doing to respond to the emergency. There is probably a reason they weren’t busy, and that reason is their service is one that is, to put it politely, not in high demand. There are a number of reasons why that could be the case, but one can’t help but think it means that person is either new, or that person just does shoddy work. Either way, you don’t want to put your business into the hands of a service like that when you need all-star assistance, and you need it fast.

And the problems don’t stop there for business owners in situations like these.

This technician who had nothing else going on at the exact moment you called then come to your office, knowing they have you in a tough spot, and charge premium rates for their less-than-stellar service that doesn’t even come with any kind of warranty or guarantee.

Here’s what is so maddening about all this from our perspective.

Businesses will carry General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, any number of a dozen other types of insurance policies to protect against disaster, yet many of them do nothing to ensure the computer network, where all of the actual work gets done, is protected and well maintained.

This can be remedied by outsourcing your IT needs, and believe it or not, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to do so.

Managed IT Services are essentially an insurance policy for your computers and computer network, only better, as we’re about to explain.

When you outsource your IT to a third party, like CloudPoint Technology, you agree to a monthly rate for the service, and in exchange, you have someone not only monitoring your network and keeping it up to date, but someone who will respond immediately when you need them.

If you ask me, that’s better than an insurance plan because it’s not only immediate, it has a preventive component to it too.

Here is another reason why outsourcing your IT to a managed IT services provider is more beneficial to your company than whatever results might come from using the last-minute, emergency call method to fix your IT problems. Prior to the moment things went horribly wrong, it might have been months, or years, since a qualified IT professional evaluated that computer network, and while that might sound like a good thing, it most certainly isn’t. An unmanaged network will continue to become more and more inefficient as time goes by. A clunky server that isn’t getting updated properly will cost a business money by way of lost productivity and efficiency even if it doesn’t fully crash and become unusable. Employees in offices with unmanaged networks often reach a point where they spend more time complaining about their slow computers than they do actually using them.

You could, we suppose, hire a full-time IT person to manage the network and take care of problems that come up, but to be honest, for the average business with 5-10 networked computers, this is just overkill. It’s not only ridiculously expensive, the annual mean wage for a full-time Network and Computer Systems Administrator in the US is $79,770, it’s also not including the employer’s share of Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax, state and federal Unemployment Tax, and Workers’ Compensation. This kind of investment just isn’t feasible for the average privately-owned, small business with just a handful of employees. When you look at the numbers from that perspective, hiring a managed services provider is a steal.

So take a few minutes to think about just how much you, and your employees, rely on your computer network every day, and just how devastating a major computer network crash could be to your bottom line. Wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind knowing your network is in the hands of competent professionals who are always just a phone call away?

By contracting with a managed IT Services provider you get the IT professional you need, only without all the financial baggage a full-time employee brings to the table by way of taxes and other expenses.

Your business, your employees, your customers, and ultimately you yourself, deserve to have the best possible opportunities to succeed, and a well-maintained computer network is vital to that happening for most modern businesses.

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