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The Iron-Fisted Rule You Keep Over Your IT Network Might be Costing You Money, Here is One Easy Way to Fix It

Hiring an outside agency to manage your digital security and the overall health of your network is not the same thing as opening up your network to outsiders who are hell-bent on invading your privacy and building loopholes in your security. So it might be time to loosen that iron-fisted grip you keep over your network, and let the professionals handle it.

Believe it or not, loss of network control is one of the more common excuses we hear when a prospective client blows us off. In these situations they are often simply nervous about giving someone else access to their network, and their information. And that is somewhat understandable. But it is also a bit misguided and unfortunate.

It is, however, almost a common sense opposition to hiring a managed IT services provider.


Many businesses keep sensitive information and communications stored on their in-house server, and they are concerned about giving an outside company access to it. In some environments, even the employees are kept out of the majority of the data stored on the server due to its sensitive, need-to-know nature.

CEOs in the position of protecting that kind of network keep a firm grip on the management of that network because their jobs depend on it. If something should happen to the data, or if someone should take the data, then it’s the CEO’s behind on the line.

With that in mind, the moment a CEO gives up that absolute authority over the network, they fear things are going to go badly, and it’s all ultimately going to come back and ruin everything.

As a business owner myself, I’m well aware of this anxiety. I’ve had a bit of it myself over the years. However, this paranoia is a huge misconception when it comes to managed IT services.

With professional IT help, that same network the CEO kept a tight grip on, can be elevated to a first-rate level of continually-monitored security, and even the network itself should run faster, which improves productivity across the board.

How can we make those claims?

It’s easy.

We know from experience that small offices without dedicated IT staff almost never stay on top of system updates, required regular maintenance, and even the security settings on the server. A CEO who works with a professional IT guy can make sure those sensitive files stay locked down, and inaccessible to in-house employees, and hackers, while keeping the network fluid enough to function as it needs to within the office environment.

In fact, we believe that the CEOs of our client businesses have greater control over their network now that they have a true IT professional who is just a phone call, email, or text away.

How do you trust we won’t access the data, and share it illegally?

For starters, if we did that, which we don’t, but if we did, and we were caught doing it, this entire business would crash and burn. We’ve worked too hard to allow that to happen. Of course, this is just hyperbole on our part. What isn’t hyperbole though, is our long-time record of managing networks for medical practices and hospitals. Protecting patient information is a mandate by the federal government, and even the smallest of practices have to adhere to the established rules. We have helped hundreds of doctors meet these security measures, and to date, we have not had a single instance where information was leaked from the network of one of our medical practice customers, or via one of our employees.

You see, we have no desire to infiltrate your secret files and mine them for data. In fact, we can even lock ourselves out of certain files if that’s what you wish.

In addition to all that, a good managed it services provider will make sure a solid data backup plan is in place, and a recovery plan is implementation ready if a disaster does happen to strike.

So is hiring a business to come in and manage your computer network the same as giving up control of your network, and the way you want it to operate?

Absolutely not. If anything it is one of the few ways to guarantee your office’s computer network lives up to its potential, and the data it holds remains protected. A good MSP will make certain your network meets your needs, wants and desires, but it also stays up to date and is perpetually running at its optimum level.

The biggest reason you should outsource your IT is because if you’re business is doing well, neither you, nor your employees, should have time to fiddle with the network every time something goes wonky tonky with it. When you, or they, fiddle, you are losing productivity while they do the fiddling, and in the future when someone else realizes it wasn’t fixed correctly so they try to do it again.

When IT problems arise, it’s time to call the IT specialists in to fix it, fix it fast, and fix it right. If you don’t have a dedicated, full-time IT specialist in-house, then your IT help should be just a phone call away. Your computer network is too important for your bottom line to leave it’s health up to amateurs. That’s a risk no business should take.

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