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Attention Small Business Owners Who Are Fed Up With Techno-Weenies That Are Impossible To Reach When You Need Them


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Guardian Managed IT Services for Small Business By CloudPoint Technology Will Make All Of Your Computer Problems Go Away AND Give You A US-Based Support Specialist To Call For Fast, Friendly, Remote IT Support.

What is a Managed Services Provider?

A managed services provider is an IT support company who manages the computer networks of businesses remotely. We install a server and workstations in your office and then make sure they all work together and fit perfectly into your specific workflow. When a business hires an MSP to do its IT management, it is the equivalent of hiring an in-house IT professional to manage a company’s tech infrastructure, but the big difference is IT outsourcing costs a fraction of what it costs to have a full-time, in-house pro to do it.

Why Outsource the Management of Your IT?

The last thing on the mind of a busy small business owner going about his or her day is taking care of those routine systems checks and upgrades of the office’s computer network, which are necessary to make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency. Most just go about their day, using the same tools they use every other day, and focusing on more pressing issues like driving sales.

And Why not?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

If it’s working today, it should work just fine tomorrow, so that updating stuff can wait until things slow down.


This philosophy couldn’t be more dangerous and it couldn’t be more wrong.

Outsourcing IT Eliminates the Hassle of Network Maintenance and Optimizes Network Efficiency

The problem with it is things never slow down, and before you know it, five months have slipped past and that required routine maintenance becomes something long forgotten about. Then, six months to a year later, everyone on the network is moving in slow motion, but fail to realize it because the deterioration of the network’s functionality has occurred so slowly no one realized it had even been on a death march until countless hours of productivity were already lost.

Eventually the office computer network gives up and quits, and the vultures start circling, waiting for you to stay down just long enough to swoop in and steal the business they worked so hard to secure. Now the small business owner who was too busy to squeeze in the time needed to maintain a functional and efficient network for the company’s 10 employees to use, is spending every minute watching the sky for a miracle, and dialing up computer techs from an actual phone book.

Many of these phone-book computer repair companies, just like your competition, are vultures too. They wait for neglected networks to crash so they can swoop in and take thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars out of your pocket to get things working properly again.

Hiring an IT Managed Services Provider to keep a watchful, knowledgeable eye on the health  of your office’s computer network is like hiring an insurance policy against circling vultures.

A good provider of Business IT Services constantly monitors the health and functionality of your network, keeps all of its parts up to date, makes sure it’s meeting all of your needs, and is always a phone call away for a quick response when it isn’t.

When you hire good Managed IT Support, they will take your tech worries out back, where they teach them a thing or two about the consequences of interfering with a small business owner’s livelihood by beating them into submission with sound IT infrastructure management practices. In other words, the good ones make your technology solutions the least of a small business owner’s portfolio of worry.

When is it time to bring a Managed IT Services Provider into the picture for your small business?

Hiring a professional to design and maintain a business’s computer network isn’t something exclusively reserved for multimillion dollar companies. If you rely on as few as even four or five computers to be the informational conduit for the business’s entire staff, then contracting with an IT professional to manage it is highly recommended. Most small businesses with a handful of networked computers, used by multiple users who rely on it to function flawlessly, and have networked applications and invaluable data your business is lost without, are perfect candidates for hiring a third-party Managed IT Services Provider to keep data safe and networks functioning. For businesses in this position, losing data or productivity because of a computer problem, is far more costly to the bottom line than the minimal monthly fee for Managed IT Services to ensure those things don’t happen.

Managed IT Solutions Are Not One Size Fits All

Custom computer networking solutions are designed to meet the needs of each business, because when it comes down to it, no two businesses are exactly the same. We meet with you, assess your current situation, evaluate your wants and needs, and develop a solution that covers all of it.

We can get as specialized as necessary to provide the right IT management for your business. Just ask our Medical Managed IT Services clients whose extremely specialized needs are met on a daily basis by CloudPoint Technology.

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