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UPDATE: If you’re visiting this site to submit a letter to SOAPware on Cloudpoint’s behalf, we thank you for your support, but we experienced an overwhelming response from our customers, and it was more than enough to accomplish the goal of keeping CloudPoint eligible as your local support network. We really can’t thank you all enough for your support with this initiative.

Thank you all,

James Hall


CloudPoint Technology


Dear SOAPware Customer:


The form below is designed to send an email directly to SOAPware Chief Operations Officer Don Butcher. The message will appear in his inbox as being from YOU, and not CloudPoint Technology. Also any replies generated by your communication will return directly to the email address you supply below. We are simply offering this page as a quick, and easy, way for you to voice your opinion and desires regarding your continued relationship with CloudPoint Technology as your go-to tech support provider for SOAPware.

What you write and say is your own opinion, however, if your intention is to request that CloudPoint remain as your SOAPware tech support provider, but you just are not sure what to say, then here are some idea starters we’ve put together for you.

  • Do you want CloudPoint Technology to remain as your SOAPware tech support provider?
  • How has CloudPoint Technology responded when you’ve called with SOAPware trouble?
  • How often do you contact CloudPoint Technology for help?
  • How is your relationship with CloudPoint Technology?

We hope those help you get started if you find yourself stuck. All we ask is that you close your submission as you would a typical email/letter, with a “Sincerely,” or whatever your preferred closing is, and then type y our name, company, title, and phone number if you don’t mind being contacted by phone.


Thanks again for your support.


We’ll keep you posted on how things go.



James Hall


CloudPoint Technology


And here is the form for contacting SOAPware. Just click submit, and your message will be on it’s way to SOAPware’s COO, Don Butcher…



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