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What is the Best Way to Free Your Medical Practice From Those Infuriating Computer Problems So You Can Finally Focus on Just Doing the Job You’re Paid to Do?

Managed IT Services for Medical Practices Requires Specialized Know How

Think about it.

You walk into the office at 7 a.m., log in, check your email, check your Facebook, read the local headlines, and then you begrudgingly get to work. You open app after app. You crack open 50 different files, in 50 different tabs, and get lost in the work. Then two hours later you realize,“Hey, wait a minute. This thing hasn’t crashed yet.”

This doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

Clients of CloudPoint Technology’s Managed IT Services for Medical Practices live this dream on a daily basis. Each day at work they get things done on a secure, stable, and most importantly reliable, network that meets their every need.

Every other Managed IT Services Provider on the Internet will tell you they provide the exact same services to all of their clients too. And most probably do. The CloudPoint Technology advantage for medical professionals stems from many years of providing services to healthcare providers. We speak your language and we already understand the basics of your workflow because we’ve set up hundreds of medical office computer networks over the years.


Our Experience Makes Switching to CloudPoint Technology For IT Services A Painless Experience For You

Our experience providing Managed IT Services to Medical Practices has taught us how quickly workflow can get backed up in a busy medical office when computers go haywire and refuse to do what you tell it to do.  We’ve been providing IT services and support to healthcare professionals for nearly a decade, and during that time we’ve managed enough networks, and installed enough software, for medical practices to confidently say we understand every step your data needs to take to be used effectively in your day-to-day functions. Very few Managed IT Services Providers can make that claim, and even fewer can back up those claims with case studies and testimonials like these. So the major disruption often experienced when transitioning from a former IT services provider to a new one is replaced with a carefully-managed, seamless transition into CloudPoint Technology Medical Managed IT Services.

Once you have been upgraded to CloudPoint Technology’s standards of operation, and are officially a Managed IT Services client, your support calls will be given priority status, and given immediate attention. In most cases that means your problems usually get solved in a matter of minutes with just one phone call. We wouldn’t wait countless hours, days, or even weeks, for one of our service providers to respond to our needs, and we don’t expect you to wait around on us to respond either. In fact, this is one of the components of our Customer’s Bill of Rights.

So what is the best way to free your medical practice from those infuriating computer problems so you can finally focus on just doing the job you’re paid to do? The best way is to hire a qualified, experienced, IT professional capable of meeting your highly-specific needs, and making sure those needs continue to be met on a consistent, and on-going basis.

We specialize in doing those very things for our Medical Managed IT Services Clients.


What Can CloudPoint Technology Do For My Medical Practice?

Our goal isn’t to come into your office and convert you to our way of doing things. We are providing you a service, not initiating a reign of terror upon your staff. Our initial installation will be custom fit to your needs. That isn’t to say we will not make suggestions if we have experience handling a procedure in another, proven-to-be-more-efficient way. We will do that. In most cases it is your decision whether to take that advice or not, however, we do become insistent of changes if they pose a security risk to your network.

Give You the In-House Digital Flexibility of an Olympics Gymnast

What we once saw as shackle-us-to-the-desk office work, is now a series of tasks we complete on our tablets, phones, and laptops, while we’re on the run to life’s other appointments. So highly-secure, remote, wireless access to your apps and data via your favorite device is a must-have for the modern medical practice, and as a CloudPoint Technology Medical IT Managed Services client, we make sure you get precisely that out of your office technology.

Provide Presidential-Level Security, We’re Talking NSA Stuff Here

Ok, that might be a bit of a stretch, but we do manage your network security by deploying the best weapons against hacker attacks, viruses, and malware, we can find. We do this by keeping up-to-date on the latest news and events in the world of network security in much the same way a stock trader follows business and finance news, and for primarily the same reason. Our livelihood depends on it. As does yours.

Expert Guidance Through the Process of Becoming Meaningful Use Compliant

We have more than 20 years of on-the-job experience using EMR software, and implementing network solutions for putting that software to good use. We can lead your practice through the process of achieving every Meaningful Use goal, on schedule, and fully functional, by federal deadlines. Where do you stand with Meaningful Use Compliance?

Expert Consultations Related to All Things HIPAA

Our resident HIPAA expert evaluates your HIPAA protocols and system requirements to ensure your office is in 100% compliance with every nuance of the law. We also help you find ways to reduce the burden of regulations compliance.

You can Also Get These Additional Features…

Data Backup and Recovery

CloudPoint Technology’s Data Backup and Recovery Services is crucial for the preservation of your business in the face of disaster, and when it comes to your data, there are countless disasters out there, just waiting to wipe it all out. Our backup strategies make this a perpetual, yet painless, process resulting in a disaster-proof data storage solution. In the event of a cyber-disaster, we can have your data restored, and your network working smoothly again within an hour.

Get in Sync With the Addition of an Exchange Server

If you’re using multiple devices, at various locations, to do the same tasks, an exchange server gets all of those devices communicating and synced together. When you add a calendar item to Outlook on the desktop computer at work, that calendar item will also appear in Outlook on your phone, and the laptop at home. Three Pitches You Can Use to Convince the Office Manager You Need an Exchange Server

Voice Recognition Software Customized for Medical Professionals

You might already be aware of this, but just in case you aren’t, most voice recognition software would fail medical school simply because it struggles mightily with the vocabulary. The highly-specialized language used in the healthcare field simply dumbfounds and confuses it. Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Edition isn’t the average voice recognition software though. Dragon Naturally Speaking ME speaks your language. No more typing, or hand-scribbling notes you won’t be able to decipher two days later. You speak. It listens. It’s just that simple. Give those tired fingers a rest starting today. Here are Six Ways Voice Recognition Software Makes Doctors’ Fingers Happy

Regain Valuable Office Space With Document Management Services

The paper trail ends right here. Take a look around you? Stacks and stacks of cabinets, drawers, and entire, moving walls of paper files, taking up space you could be using for something much more productive than just providing storage space. We install an easy-to-use system for turning all those paper files into easy-to-organize, easy to backup and protect, digital files. There is no time like the present to reclaim your space, and then do something special with it using the money you’ll save on paper supplies. Here are Five Tips for Transitioning From Paper to Digital

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So given efficiency is the cornerstone of a successful medical practice, why are you so willing to allow your current IT provider to stifle yours with slow response times, shoddy work, and absolutely no clue as to the nuances of your business.

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