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Have You Ever Asked Yourself How Some People Seem to Manage Their Medical Practice So Easily?

McKesson, who makes Medisoft®, one of the medical industry’s leading Practice Management Software products, took an early adoption approach when it comes to the roll out of ICD-10 medical billing coding. They’ve been working on updating their software since 2013. Medisoft effectively got a 2-year head start on the transition to the new coding which is set to become the new standard in October 2015.



We have been long-time fans of the way McKesson stays on top of new developments to make sure Medisoft is a rock-solid option for practice management software for small, independent physicians. That’s one of the primary reasons CloudPoint Technology became an independent reseller of Medisoft Practice Management Software.

Medisoft is…

ICD-10 Ready

  • Dual diagnosis list lets you search for ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes.
  • Customized carrier setting allows you to specify which code the carrier is using.
  • A mapping tool helps you translate some ICD-9 codes to ICD-10.

Scheduling and Billing

  • Lytec Mobile, a mobile application for the iPhone® or iPad®, lets you view your schedule and transmit charges using a phone or tablet.
  • Customizable rules-based grids allow your practice to easily address different carrier filing requirements.
  • Multiple ways to view the schedule helps expedite the scheduling of patient appointments.

Revenue Management

  • Pre-claim editing allows you to review your filings for errors on the front-end before you submit for payment.
  • Verify and check for patient eligibility before a service is performed.
  • Ability for biller to efficiently review payment information, flag changes and post individual payments and adjustments.

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