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How to Never Lose a File Again, Improve Efficiency, and Go Green in the Process


Tomorrow is the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day, the day where those of us who are hypersensitive to the damage being done to our environment try to convince everyone else of the true importance of preserving our resources for future generations.

Well, kind of, anyway.

The truth is most of us fall into that lukewarm category when it comes to the issue of the environment. We care, and we do a little bit here and there, but we’re not spending our weekends gathering signatures for petitions, and chaining ourselves to trees to stop the destruction of our forests. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being enthusiastic about the issue enough to either of those things.) Most of us are just far too busy with our professional lives to spend that kind of time and energy on much of anything. Deep down most of us do wish we could do a little bit more, and we would, if it was only more convenient to do so.

What if we told you there are ways going green can actually improve your workflow and bring about a whirlwind of game-changing productivity? That’s pretty convenient, right?

It’s called Document Management Software.

Document Management Software eliminates all those stacks of paper files, and file cabinets, even the ones that have been sitting around the office since the Chinese invented paper about 2,000 years ago. It can even do it all in what amounts to just a few clicks. Once the document is scanned into the system, it is virtually impossible to lose because finding documents in DocsVault, the DMS we prefer, is easy with the numerous in-depth search functions available.

Just imagine not only getting rid of all that old paper, but continuing on from this point forward without having to keep much of anything on paper. Going paperless at the office is a truly green step to take, and when done right, it can benefit your bottom line with savings in supplies and time lost searching for John Smith’s file in the “S” cabinet, only to learn two hours later the last person stuck it in the “J” cabinet.

Converting those old documents into the much easier to manage digital files is boiled down to nearly a one-click operation in most document management software solutions. The highly-customizable search feature, combined with the built-in organization system, makes it almost impossible to lose a file.

In terms of improving your workflow and efficiency, document management software simply forces everyone into using the same methodology when it comes to saving and tagging files. This in itself is worth its weight in gold.

It is simply impossible for an office staff to work together effectively, and efficiently, without a highly-organized, easy-to-use document management system in place to guide everyone into saving and storing files the exact same way. Without such a system in place you end up with ten forms of chaos including 5 group-wide emails asking where the Excel spreadsheet or Word docs are located on the server. Using a document management App like DocsVault eliminates that chaos and turns your workgroup into a finely-tuned, well-oiled, get-it-done machine.

The beauty of  DocsVault is that the interface can be accessed from anywhere through the use of just an Internet browser. This means you can be 200 miles away from your office, and still access every file you need, as long as you have an Internet connection, which means no more calling someone up and having them fax it to you. In other words, you’ll even be helping the poor old fax machine finally retire and go away for good. This makes using document management software like DocsVault is not only green and efficient, but compassionate as well.

What’s even better is this is just a cursory overview of the most basic features of DocsVault.  The software is packed full of features there to keep your entire team organized and on task.

Other DocsVault Features Include: Microsoft Office Integration, Windows Explorer Integration, Email Notifications and Alerts, Comprehensive Full Text Search, Flexible Document Profiling, Full Audit Trail Logging, File Templates, Version Control, Document Tasks and Reminders, and Watched Folders

Learn more about how DocVault can help eliminate the lost file conundrum from your office.

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