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November Newsletter 2015

Photo of the Putnam County Fairgrounds taken about a week before Halloween. This is absolutely the best time of year.

Photo of the Putnam County Fairgrounds taken about a week before Halloween. This is absolutely the best time of year.

5 Smart Tips To Know Before Moving Your Data To A Cloud-Based Application

Cloud computing is all the rage these days, and while some companies are moving their whole IT infrastructure to the cloud, many others are choosing to streamline their businesses by moving individual business applications.

If you are considering moving any of your company’s software applications “to the cloud,” make sure to consider these 5 tips BEFORE pulling the trigger:

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New Office, Car Crash, and Water Damage; Moving is Almost Never Fun

It was an interesting month here at CloudPoint Technology.

For starters, we moved our office, which in itself is an adventure. While it did give us a chance to purge a lot of useless papers and broken equipment, it also reminded us how much work goes into moving servers and workstations, and how careful one has to be when doing it. Without some semblance of a gameplan being in place, moving an office can become pure chaos. Our went smoothly because we took the time to do just that. We planned meticulously, and then executed the plan carefully, and pulled off the move without a single hitch in our giddyup.

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Avoid The Top 3 Budget Busting, Stress-Inducing Mistakes When Moving Your Office

Moving is always a pain in the rump, but it doesn’t have to be a horrific, expensive experience. The number one lament from someone who’s experienced a “bad” move is, “I didn’t know I needed to…” followed closely by “I completely forgot that…”  In other words, it’s what you don’t do that makes the move a disaster. To make your move easy and effortless, here are the 5 most common mistakes you want to avoid:

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Why Small-to-Mid-Sized Businesses are Embracing Office 365, and How They Use It to Streamline Workflow

Do you remember the old days when every few years businesses would have to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars on Microsoft Office and all of the licenses you needed to install it on everyone’s computer?

Do you also remember how much it stunk every time you replaced one work-station with another? Every single time you replaced a machine, you had to re-install software, and migrate all of the necessary files from one machine to the other.

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From the CloudPoint Blog: CloudPoint vs Dropbox: How to Build A Business-Changing Creative Sandbox to Spur Employee Collaboration and Creativity

So Dropbox is changing the way it markets its service. The online storage giant is trying to shift its image away from just being a place to store big files online into an image that is more akin to a creative, collaborative playground.

Dropbox has finally figured out the best ways to use its product. Yahoo for them. We had it figured out a long time ago, and here’s a little secret, we’ve been delivering the concept of a creative sandbox in the cloud to our customers for years now. The only difference between what Dropbox is marketing, and what we offer our customers, is ownership and privacy, which, in the business world, is crucial to finding success.

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A Cornucopia of Corny Thanksgiving Jokes, Straight Off the Cob

  • Why can’t you take a turkey to church?
  • What are unhappy cranberries called?
  • What’s the best thing to put into pumpkin pie?
  • If the pilgrims were still alive today, what would they be most famous for?

Find out on this month’s stupid joke page

SOAPware COO Speaks Out About Enthusiastic CloudPoint Customers Reaching Out on Company’s Behalf

We included an update about this in last month’s newsletter, but we still thought we would include it in this newsletter too because there has been a little bit of news happening, and news is an inherent part of any NEWSletter…

Earlier this year we asked several of our SOAPware customers, SOAPware is an electronic health records product and manufacturer, to send messages of support to SOAPware’s COO Don Butcher, and telling him what you thought about the looming possibility of losing CloudPoint as your local contact for SOAPware support.

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If you’re not doing this, you are leaving money on the table Every Month

We love you being one of our customers. If we didn’t, then we would not continue working with you because life is too short to work closely with people you can’t stand. Nobody wins in those situations, right?

So after giving it some thought, we’ve decided we want more customers like you, and we figure the best way to get them is by asking  you to recommend any friends, former associates, or even family, who might benefit from our IT Management and Support.

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Tom Fouch, CloudPoint Technology’s New Sales Manager

Tom Fouch

Tom Fouch

We’ve added a new face to the CloudPoint Tech team in recent weeks, and that new face is that of Tom Fouch, our new sales guy and tech aficionado. He won’t be the guy you talk to when things are on the blitz and your network is down, but he is keen at finding the best way to organize an office’s tech tools, and develop internal systems that keeps things running efficiently.

“I enjoy finding the best solution for clients, and making sure get only what they need so they aren’t wasting money on nonsense tech solutions that only muddy up the waters,” Fouch said. “I think minimalistic when I think about tech.”

Tom has worked in tech for several years, but has also worked in the field of public relations and journalism. He graduated from Marshall University with a Public Relations degree.

When he is not here, getting it done, you’ll probably find him with a game controller in his hand giving them all hell in the virtual world. He’s into elves, dragons, and wizards, so the Lord of the Rings movies are among his favorite things ever created.

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