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What is the Number One Reason Businesses Opt to Use Managed IT Services?

A recent survey of more than 300 companies revealed that two-thirds of them had hired the services of an outside IT company within the past 12 months. Why is that number so high? Because it makes sense.

The data is from the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA Information Technology), a non-profit trade association focusing on all things IT, including managed services. While Cloudpoint Technology isn’t a member of the association, there are 2,000 IT companies out there who are. They unveiled the information regarding the way companies use IT services in their fourth annual Trends in Managed Services study.

So what drives a company to outsource their IT needs?

The answer is an obvious one.

Technology is always moving forward, which means a  business can’t afford to let their technology stagnate, and leave them working less efficiently than their competition. Hiring a managed services provider (MSP) is one way to keep a technology expert in your corner without paying another full-time salary and all the costs associated with doing that.

The study found another reason businesses use MSPs is to improve security and compliance with industry guidelines, like those in the world of health IT. If an MSP is going to survive, they have to stay up to date on the latest security threats, and apply the latest security measures to the computer networks of their clients. MSPs do this on their own, the businesses they serve don’t have to spend a dime to send an MSP technician off to get more training or education. Another win for the business owner.

Finally, the report indicated businesses opt to go with MSPs because maintaining and upgrading a computer network is just a pain in the behind most business owners would rather just not worry about. Oddly enough, about 60% of the companies contacted in CompTIA’s survey who reported using an MSP in the past 12 months had full-time IT staffs in-house, they just outsourced the maintenance and upgrading processes so the in-house IT staff could focus on more specific technology goals.

So the answer to “What is the number one reason businesses opt to use Managed IT Services?” is economical resource management. Businesses need technology to function, but they don’t always need an IT guy hanging around the office to make sure it does. It’s simply cheaper, and much less of a headache, to pay a team of IT technicians to manage things, than it is to hire someone to do it.


What can an MSP like CloudPoint Technology do for you? How is hiring an MSP more economically efficient than hiring a full-time IT staff, or a break-fix IT person when everything crashes?

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