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Prevent Your Old Office Computers From Becoming a Money Pit That Will Suck Your Budget Dry Using This Philosophy


Fixing some things just isn’t worth it, yet it’s hard to break the fix-it mindset. We try to explain how to do that in this blog post.


Have you ever approached a computer technician about a problem you are having with your PC only to have them say, “You need a new machine,” before appearing to even think about it? What you don’t realize is that a good technician can size up your computer at a glance and know its limitations compared to newer models, and quickly surmise whether fixing it is worth the time and expense.

We have made the recommendation to “Just buy a new one,” many times, and so has just about every other IT company out there, and this blog post reflects why we do it, and why that decision benefits you more than you might realize.

This happened recently.

A non-managed services customer recently contacted us about an ailing workstation on their network. This machine was giving them fits, and was single-handedly disrupting an entire office’s workflow. It would shut down sometimes mid-operation. It would also process things really slowly. There was obviously something wrong with this 2 to 3-year-old machine.

From the description, it’s hard to tell what the problem was for sure, but it could be anything from a memory problem, a motherboard problem, or possibly even a power supply issue. The only way for us to tell for sure would be to go onsite and take a look at it, which means someone is going to have to pay for a technician’s time and travel. So at the outset, we already know this problem is already going to cost between $250-$600 in parts, labor, and travel, and that’s before even seeing the problem.

When you talk about expenses like those for an office workstation that’s already a 3-year-old computer, the bill is going to be within striking distance of just buying a new machine and adding it to the network. You might as well say that old machine is what your auto insurance company representative would call totaled. If you can buy the exact same computer online for $150, then it makes no sense to spend $300 to fix it, when you can get a brand new machine for a few hundred more.

By adding a new machine, you are not only upgrading the machine for now, but you are adding a workstation to the network that will be useable for the next 3-5 years, versus, repairing an old one that will need replacing in two years anyway because of its obsolescence.

When it comes down to it, spending that extra $100 or $200 on a new workstation will greatly increase your return on investment, and that’s a good thing.

So next time you seek out an IT company to fix one of your workstations, and they recommend just getting a new machine rather than fixing the old one, don’t fall into the trap of thinking they are just trying to sell you a computer. They are simply giving you the best advice possible. The real good IT companies will help you outline some specs for the new computer, and point you in the direction of several venders who can supply you with the necessary hardware at a business-friendly rate.

That being said, if you prefer to just pay to have the old one fixed, despite the potential for it turning into a high-cost fix, then by all means, decline the advice, and insist the old one get fixed. There are occasions when this works out, but statistically, you’ll probably just end up spending more money in the long run.

CloudPoint Technology operates under the presumption that businesses seeking our advice prefer long-run cost efficiency to short-run savings, which is why we base our advice and recommendations from this point of view.

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