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The Remedy for Your Slow Office Computers and Losses in Efficiency is Low-Cost, Hybrid Cloud

Eventually there comes a time in a computer network’s life when it’s just no longer up to the task of meeting its office’s needs. One reason might be the server just doesn’t have enough power to keep up. Another reason, and one that is far more common, is after years of stuffing it full of files and applications, the server is starting to run out of storage space. This leaves business owners and decision makers staring face-to-face with an expensive decision that has to be addressed sooner rather than later. It doesn’t have to be so stressful a situation though. There are alternatives out there to make this scenario a thing of the past.

A network running entirely from a server located on-premises, aka right down the hall, only has a finite amount of space to fill before it needs upgraded to something bigger, better, and yes, more expensive, especially if it means replacing the entire server. This could be a transition that costs anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the options required.

You not only have to buy the new hardware, but you also have to pay to have that hardware implemented, and to have any data that needs migrating, migrated. Then there is the lost productivity cost that is often racked up while the process is completed.


It could ultimately cost tens of thousands in direct, and indirect, expenses to replace your old server because it has run out of room.

Like we said at the outset of this blog post, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are economically viable alternatives to upgrading your network. Specifically, we’re talking about the cloud here.

By establishing a hybrid cloud environment, one that integrates both your local network, and the cloud, you can position yourself so that upgrades due to space issues are easily, and cheaply remedied.



A hybrid cloud environment could be established where the storage of files is done in the cloud. This means the files are kept off-site, at a data center. At this data center, a space is carved out for your data, and your data only. Access to these files can be tightly restricted, so only a few people can access them, or they can be wide open to everybody in the company. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with doing.

The economical part of this whole scenario is the scalability of the cloud portion of the setup.

Need more space? It’s not a matter of spending thousands on new hardware, and then spending thousands more to have it installed. Nope. It’s just a matter of making a phone call to your cloud provider, and saying, “Hey, I need more space.”

Within a matter of minutes you can have more space at your disposal, and the cost to do so comes to a grand total of a few extra dollars per month.

The beauty of this scenario is the hybrid element. You still have a local server, with local controls, and all of the perks that come along with that, but that is integrated in with the cloud environment so you get the best of both worlds together.

Hybrid cloud setups are quickly becoming the norm in the business world, and that is because of the convenience and cost effectiveness. Like we said before, the files that are stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, from any device, provided the user has the proper credentials to do so. This makes working from home, or at the local Starbucks, not only possible, but easy and hassle free.

It’s that flexibility and scalability of hybrid cloud environments that are what’s driving so many users toward implementing it. Curious if this is the right scenario for your office?

CloudPoint Technology has been building hybrid cloud environments for nearly a decade.

If you’re office is struggling with slow computers, an over-crowded network, or getting work done away from the office, then you’re wasting time not doing something to rectify it. We can help you make that decision, and we’re willing to do it for free.

For free, we will come to your office and evaluate your network for suitability for a hybrid environment, and improved efficiency. Just visit our FREE NETWORK ASSESSMENT page and register. We’ll be back in touch with you within one business day.

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