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SayIT Puts Speech Recognition Software into the Cloud


Whether your business is in communications, telecommunications, or any other industry where you interact regularly with customers, the makers of SayIT speech recognition software had you in mind when they designed their innovative, cloud-based product.

SayIT gives agents at call centers, and other locations focusing heavily on customer service, the power to more efficiently manage data collected during calls.

Several Fortune 500 telecommunications companies have incorporated SayIT into their workflow, and each of them have seen their call handling times go down by as much as one  minute per call, which is a huge improvement on efficiency given the high volume of calls being managed.

The features are built specifically with the customer service representative in mind.

SayIt is an enterprise-level, cloud-based solution that uses the power of the agent’s voice to speed up their workflow. Using SayIt agents can speak commands or dictate text using speech faster than using the mouse and keyboard. Learning and mastering voice commands and shortcuts is easier for agents than trying to memorize hot key sequences and keyboard macros. Activities that could take minutes to complete can now be done in seconds, significantly increasing agent productivity, allowing more time to service customers and lowering the cost per contact. SayIt works alongside the agent’s desktop applications with no integration required or support from IT. SayIt easily scales from just a few agents to thousands.

Advantages of SayIT

  • * Affordable monthly subscription pricing with no annual maintenance fees
  • * No desktop software to install, nor the need to purchase network software or servers
  • * Accessible wherever there’s an Internet connection, from both Windows and Mac.
  • * Works with virtually any system, including Microsoft Office, email and other applications
  • * Flexible language modeling combines law enforcement, NATO Speak and Spell, first responder, and other vocabulary specifically tailored to your needs.
  • * Powerful Administrative Console streamlines user setup and management – configure once and deploy to many
  • * Cloud-based software updates delivered seamlessly
  • * Highly secure, encrypted system can be hosted inside your firewall if needed
  • * Offline mode planned availability by late 2014

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