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Medical Professionals Can Take Speech Recognition Software Anywhere with Cloud-Based SayIT


SayIt is cloud-based speech recognition software designed to work seamlessly with virtually all EMRs and other comparable applications. SayIt helps tell the full patient story – with speech instead of keystrokes!

One of the greatest advantages of SayIT is the fact it’s a cloud-based program with an affordable, monthly-fee payment structure. While it does feature a host of features for users in any profession, it has focused on making a customized version specifically for medical professionals. Like Dragon’s Medical Edition, SayIT is programmed to understand medical terminology the average speech recognition software wouldn’t.

Some Advantages of SayIT:

  • * Vocabulary customized for medical professionals
  • * Specialized taxonomies
  • * Increase quality, speed, and accuracy of records
  • * Support for mobile nurses
  • * Notes are converted to text within seconds
  • * Voice-enabled shortcuts allow for automation of time-consuming tasks like electronic ordering
  • * Speech Recognition+VistA/CPRS = Workflow Excellence
  • * Streamline Computerized Provider Order Entry
  • * Work from anywhere because SayIT is cloud-based
  • * Put focus back on patient care, not data entry

Read more in this paper from nVoc “SayIT for your Practice.”

Case Studies (By SayIT)

SayIT in Teleradiology

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