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Professional-Grade Cloud Storage Means Never Buying Another Server Ever Again, Improving Workflow Flexibility, And Easier Collaboration


Cloud Storage Solutions

Every Cloud Server Hosting facility is SAS-70 Type II Audited and SSAE16 Compliant.

What Are Cloud Services?

As one of the major airlines used to say in its advertising campaign, “You are now free to move about the country.” That is cloud computing in a nutshell. Wherever you are, there it is. You are never more than an Internet connection away from your business’s most valuable resource, its data.

Using The Cloud, as it has become known, you no longer have to email files to yourself or transport them back and forth on a flash drive. Through cloud storage services you can log into your own virtual server from home, or anywhere else with an Internet connection, and access the very same files you have access to from the desktop PC at the office. You can not only access  your files for viewing, but you can edit them, and save them, from any remote location as well.

Turning to cloud solutions for your business also delivers more than convenience and flexibility, but, believe it or not, it also improves security for many small businesses.

For starters, your data is being recorded off site, so any fires, or natural disasters that might strike your physical office, won’t affect your data because your data is safely stored at an off-site location. There is no waiting around for the local server to sync with a remote server here either. When you click save, it’s saved in the cloud.

The security at the actual data center hosting the cloud servers is continually updated and is as good as it gets in data protection. In many cases, self-managed computer networks in the small business  world fall behind on things like security updates, which is unfortunately considering many are already running low-end security software already. The data center that houses your own cloud server, however, is monitored 24-7 by security experts whose only job is to protect everyone from hackers. We’re betting your office doesn’t have cloud security experts on staff, and on the job, 24-7, does it?

Another of the man benefits of cloud computing is that your cloud server will never run short of space the way old-fashioned network servers did. If space starts running low, all you have to do is just expand it by calling your cloud computing service provider and expanding your footprint in the cloud. This is much easier, and far cheaper, than having to upgrade to a brand new physical server with more storage space. In fact, the difference between adding a bigger footprint to your cloud presence, and buying a brand new, larger-capacity server, is thousands of dollars.  Cloud Servers can store as much data as necessary to get the job done.

All Clouds Are Not Created Equally, And Yours is No Exception

The needs of small businesses vary greatly from one business to the next, which means cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, cloud storage solutions just will not work for everybody. When you choose CloudPoint Technology we set your business up with its own presence in the cloud, which is configured to met your specific needs.

If your business is booming and your server gets used at high volume, then we have cloud servers capable of performing 1000 input/output operations per second (IOPS). For the clients who aren’t as demanding of their cloud servers, we have options with 250 IOPS.

The amount of cloud data storage needed also varies greatly from one business to the next, which is why cloud data storage space is sold incrementally. This means you won’t be paying for 3TBs worth of space, when 700GB is all your business really needs. You can’t say that about the old way of selling servers to offices, which meant sales people were trying their darndest to convince business owners they need tons of extra space “Just in case” it’s needed in the future. We want our cloud based services to fit your business like a glove.

What Happens When I Decide to Switch to a Cloud-based server via CloudPoint Technology?

Once we have made our initial contact with you and we exchange basic information, we set up an appointment with you to evaluate your current situation, take a look at where  you expect to be in the future, and discuss what amenities might help get you there and streamline your business.

We take those answers and craft a cloud server solution that is custom fit to your business’s specific needs. Our cloud migration services team then gets to work moving your current data to its new cloud-based home, and we set up the infrastructure your business needs to make the most of having cloud access. Our team of professionals make the transition a smooth one for everyone involved. No hassles. No disruptions. No real downtime will be encountered when you migrate to the cloud.

The Silver Lining of Our Cloud Service is Strong Security Features

In addition to being protected simply by being stored off-site, your data is shielded behind numerous levels of protection to keep it safely stored in the cloud. Your data is as safe in the cloud as it is on a physical server in your office. In fact, it is considerably safer given our data center is staffed 24-7 by digital security experts who ensure server-side security software  is up-to-date and reflects the latest and greatest in protection against hackers and equipment failures.

Cloud Security Details:
Physical Security – Data Center
Cloud Service comes with multiple state-of-the-art Tier 3 data centers selected to:

  • Meet or exceed SAS-70 Type II and HIPAA best practice requirements, including SSAE16 Compliance
  • Minimize or eliminate the risk of natural disaster
  • Optimally provide for the intensive power and cooling requirements of high volume platform applications
  • Deliver redundant utilities, including electricity, water, voice, and data, with underground lines entering different areas of the buildings
  • Ensure anonymity, housed in unsigned and windowless building, disguised with natural landscaping
  • Redundant, uninterruptible power including multiple UPS and diesel generator systems backing up redundant transformers with multiple substation feeds
  • Redundant precision air conditioners to maintain optimal temperature and humidity

Internal Security

  • Multiple levels of physical security including biometrics, prox card with PIN, locked cabinets and cages, and video surveillance
  • Surveillance cameras at all entrances and exits and at every access point throughout the buildings
  • Surveillance footage digitally recorded and stored offsite
  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems offer recirculation capabilities to protect from biological or chemical attack or heavy smoke due to adjacent fire
  • Air quality is continuously monitored for chemical, biological or radiological contamination
  • Building access is tightly controlled with two-factor authentication, physical sign-in, and all facilities are staffed 24x7x365
  • 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) to continually monitor data center security, environmental conditions, and technical infrastructure

Authentication and Encryption

  • Access requires a registered username and password combination
  • Passwords are stored in encrypted format
  • Hierarchical rights management capability allows for multiple security levels

System and Operational Security

  • Multiple Tier 1 fiber optic network and internet providers
  • Hardened and patched operating systems
  • Data center access limited to vetted Operations team members
  • Biometric scanning for controlled data center access
  • Security camera monitoring at all data center locations
  • Physical security audited by an independent firm
  • Multiple copies of backup data are maintained in a single data center AND replicated to secondary data center

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