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Why Small-to-Mid-Sized Businesses are Embracing Office 365, and How They Use It to Streamline Workflow


Do you remember the old days when every few years businesses would have to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars on Microsoft Office and all of the licenses you needed to install it on everyone’s computer?

Do you also remember how much it stunk every time you replaced one work-station with another? Every single time you replaced a machine, you had to re-install software, and migrate all of the necessary files from one machine to the other.

You should hold on to those memories, and try to never forget them, because in a few years recounting that painful process is going to sound like one of those my-walk-to-school-was-uphill-both-ways-in-the-snow kind of stories.

Things just aren’t that hard and complicated any more.

The Cloud is changing everything about the way we do business.

The Cloud (A definition): The Cloud is simply a server, or group of servers, stored in a remote location, but remains accessible from anywhere using just about any device.

The Cloud has changed the way we get the software to do our jobs now. It’s made the device used to get to it, almost irrelevant in the process. We aren’t anchored to one machine any more. We are free to get up and move around if we want to, and we’re equipped with the right kind of devices to make that happen.

The biggest change we’ve seen since The Cloud has taken firm grip of the tech industry is the way we access software. What was once a major expense every few years, like with Microsoft Office, Adobe’s Creative Suite, and even Quickbooks, is now broken down into easily-manageable, recurring monthly payments.

This model has its advantages for both the user and the creator because updates are on-going, behind-the-scenes, and you know for certain everyone using the product will be using the latest version of it so there shouldn’t be any issues with functionality.

The biggest advantage to using cloud-based Microsoft Office is the ease of working with other people on a project. Documents are easily shared via Office 365, and it also allows multiple users to access the same document, at the same time, for real-time collaboration on them.

So let’s say you’re on deadline to get a document finished and handed in. It’s due before 3 p.m. today, but the key person on this project came down with an illness that is probably contagious so he stays home for the day.

While this would have screwed the entire team a few years ago, it barely registers now with Office 365, because not only can the sick worker log in from home and have full-functionality over Office, but he can log into documents while other people are working on them to help speed things along.

I know what you’re thinking. “Working at home while I’m sick? No way.”

We understand that is a stretch, and might not be a reality, but it is a possibility, and that’s what makes The Cloud so great. It’s full of possibilities. We just have to find them.

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