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SOAPware EHR Management Software

We are a Platinum Parter of SOAPware EHR Management Software

CloudPoint Technology is a Certified Platinum Partner of SOAPware, the Meaningful-Use-Certified, EHR software. As a Platinum Partner we not only sell and install the software, but we also manage many of our of customer’s support calls in-house, with our own technicians. This means fast, friendly support from our small staff of support techs, rather than some random support tech in a giant sea of cubicles. It also means your support is guaranteed to be in English, and originating from within the borders of the United States.

We have a long-time partnership with SOAPware that lasted for nearly a decade. When it comes to Electronic Health Records, we believe SOAPware to be among the easiest to implement and use for customers. That’s why we’ve continued our close relationship with the company.

SOAPware was designed by a doctor and was created with the small medical practice in mind. So while programs like that of EpicCare, AllScripts, and eClinicalWorks might top EHR lists, those programs are geared for tackling those large hospital issues.

SOAPware EHR Management Software Experts

The EHR software market has been a virtual wild west show over the past few years as deadlines for Meaningful Use attestations approached. The number of products on the market grew 25% to a whopping 556 vendors. (Source)

Despite the flood of new products over the past few years, and the number of EHR options aimed at large hospitals, SOAPware still landed on Medical Economics’ 2014 list of the 50 Best EHRs. (Source) The publication also named SOAPware first in Quality of Care after polling thousands of providers about their current EHR solution. (Source).

This is what Medical Economics said regarding the “Quality of Care” list:

An EHR system can either enhance or hinder the care a physician provides to his or her patients. The promise of EHRs is that they will help physicians and the healthcare system provide high-value care, but that remains largely unfulfilled. Some systems are closer to this ideal than others. The vendors that focus on helping physicians navigate today’s healthcare challenges will thrive.

SOAPware also ranked in the categories of Meaningful Use, Patient Portal, Technical Support, and Clinical Support, in the same survey.

This is good news for a company swimming in an oversaturated market because only the best will survive in the long run, and it’s clear from providers who use SOAPware, that it is among the best on the market today.

So if your practice is ready to take that next step in Meaningful Use attestation, or if you’re using another product and just aren’t satisfied with it, it is time to turn to SOAPware for the solution.

Learn more about SOAPware and what it can do for your practice, and how to prepare your office for transitioning to it, by contacting one of our sales representatives today.

If you’re making the leap to an EHR solution for the first time, we strongly advise you hire a qualified medical Managed IT Services company to get your optimize your office’s computer network for the merge into the world of EHR. Find out how you can get a free network assessment by the managed IT experts at CloudPoint Technology.


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