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A Challenge To All Those Who Think It Is Impossible For A Computer to Understand the Words You Say to It

Speech recognition software takes the pain out of typing for hunt-and-peckers, as well as those who need to have their hands free to do other things simultaneously. Programs like Dragon Naturally Speaking, and the cloud-based SayIt, are both viable speech recognition options for small businesses, and both are available through CloudPoint Technology.


There are so many industries that can benefit from incorporating speech recognition software into their daily workflow, but perhaps the industry where it is most beneficial at the moment is in the healthcare field. With the emphasis on incorporating electronic health records into patient management, the need to be able to quickly document information is a must. What also stands out as a must is finding a way to get that information into a digital format without having to sit down at a keyboard and retype a full day’s worth of patient notes.

If you are a medical professional, you might be thinking, “Yeah, this sounds great. I saw Lorne Greene using speech recognition software on the 1978 television series Battlestar Galactica, and his worked perfectly, but in real life I’ve never seen one that worked with any degree of accuracy.”

Your perception about speech recognition software was 100% right say, 5 to 10 years ago, but speech recognition software like Dragon Naturally Speaking and SayIt get better every year. Both now operate with an accuracy of well over 90%, and has improved by nearly 40% in just the last few years alone. (Source)




The advances in speech recognition software technology also means no more pointing and clicking. No more tabbing through fields and typing, typing, typing. With SayIt and Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you do most of your navigation and typing with your hands completely free to taking care of other tasks, even if that task is making a cup of coffee. You can navigate your way from one application to the next, and glide through form fields all by the sound of your voice. When it’s time to enter information into the system, the software understands you with near-perfect accuracy no matter the accent or dialect.


Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be shaving hours of data entry time from your day every month, and with your newly afforded hands-free, multi-tasking ability, you can take your productivity to a new level. With the time you free up you might even find yourself compelled to use speech recognition software to write actual letters to friends and family. Both programs we offer make it possible to be old fashioned and high tech at the same time.

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