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Unlock Productivity Potential With Mobile Solutions Designed to Make Schedules Flexible, Completing To-Do Lists A Breeze

Mobile Optimization

Let’s face it, you do a lot between the time the alarm clock goes off in the morning, and the time you give up fighting off the sleepy-head nods and finally go down for the night. With the kind of jam-packed schedules most of us keep, it takes functional flexibility on both the professional and personal side of the equation to get things done. You have to be able to get the job done no matter where you are, whether it’s in Starbucks, at the office, or from the bleachers at the little league baseball field. In order to do it all, you must have an office infrastructure that is safe, reliable, and above all, just as flexible as you are. That’s where CloudPoint Technology comes into play. We help small businesses build a personalized, private network that meets every need, works when you need it to, and keeps all of your data safe at the same time.

With a combination of our cloud solutions, including your own cloud server, Microsoft Office 365, an exchange server, adequate data backup and recovery protection, and one of our managed IT services packages, we can build a customized, mobile-efficient network everyone in your office can use to get things done better, faster, and from almost anywhere they have access to the Internet.

We can put you in a position to start a post-lunch project at the office using your desktop computer, easily find it later on your iPhone where you work on it some more in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, and then seamlessly finish the project off using your tablet from a comfy chair on your back porch whilst sipping your favorite beverage. When you are finally fished with the project, you won’t have to email it to yourself, stick it on a thumb drive, cd-rom, or even take your tablet with you to work the next day. Leave that nonsense in the past. Your finished product will be there waiting for you thanks to your business’s own cloud access.

Life doesn’t slow down and wait for antiquated technology to catch up. No. Life can’t stop. Life is in perpetual motion blazing ahead at full speed, and every year, full speed is a little faster than it was during the one before it.  So who has time to keep track of which devices work where and with what? Or whether that file was on the flash drive, or one of the dozen unlabeled CDRs in your attaché?

Not me.

Not you.

Not anyone who is trying to juggle a family and successful career.

We can help you streamline your network and whip it into the right shape to meet your specific needs. The first step in making that happen is to request a free consultation and network assessment with us. We will find out what your needs and goals are, and then conduct our 27-point evaluation to determine whether you can achieve your goals, and what needs changed if you fall short.

This evaluation does not cost you a dime. It is 100% free with no strings attached.

To set up a consultation and an evaluation, just visit our sign up page and fill out the request form. We will contact you to schedule a meeting within 24 business hours of submitting the request.


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