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We’ve Declared February to be Data Backup and Recovery Month


Most of us tend to stay optimistic and spend most of our time looking at the bright side of life. It’s an essential part of maintaining our mental health. We would all go crazy if we dwelled on all of the negative things that could happen every time we get out of bed in the morning. There are just too many opportunities in the average day for things to go wrong. That said, we can’t go through life with blinders on either. Many of those things that can go wrong in the average day are preventable.

Here at we’re going to be focusing on managing preventable disasters that could wipe out years of hard work in matter of seconds. We’ve declared February to be Data Backup and Recovery Month. All month long we are going to be looking at the ins and outs of protecting your data and eliminating that worry from your professional life.

So to start, we ask the question:

Is your data truly protected?

If you say yes, then we have a follow-up question for you:
How do you know?

Many people don’t understand what is involved when it comes to protecting data in a way where it is same-day recoverable in the event of a disaster, be that disaster digital or otherwise. Simply backing files up on a hard drive, or other storage device, isn’t enough because that only protects the documents. It doesn’t help preserve network settings and other vital information.

By the end of the month you will know for certain, without a doubt, whether or not what you are relying on right now for data backup and recovery is adequate, or whether you are in desperate need of some worry-eliminating assistance in protecting the backbone of your business.

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