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What does CloudPoint Technology do exactly?

CloudPoint Technology is a Managed IT Services company, which provides small businesses with mobile integration services and cloud computing options. We also specialize in managing IT for medical professionals, including electronic health records, patient management, data security, and more.

Here’s a rundown of what we can do for you:

Customized Technical Services

Managed IT Services for Small Businesses:

Our basic Managed IT Services package includes the setting up of a server and connecting up to as many as 20 workstations with it. We then remotely monitor the health and stability of your network for a monthly fee. By remotely monitoring your network our technicians will perform regular updates on operating systems, security software, and other essentials, to make sure your network continues to run smoothly. This proactive approach also puts our technicians in a position to fix many disasters before they happen. When our Managed IT Services clients have problems, our technicians have the answers, and in most situations, can have those problems fixed within the first hour or two of being reported. Check out Attention Small Business Owners Who Are Fed Up With Techno-Weenies That Are Impossible To Reach When You Need Them? to find out more.

Cloud Services for Small Businesses:

Having a safe, secure presence in the cloud is vital for businesses where mobility is a must. With a professionally engineered cloud server dedicated to just your business, you open the door to being able to work from virtually anywhere, with practically any device. CloudPoint Technology will setup your own cloud server, and help you implement it into the workflow of your small business efficiently. Find out more about our cloud services in this short piece: Never Buy Another Server, Ever Again, And Still Stay Up To Date With an Infrastructure Built on the Latest Technology

Data Backup and Recovery Service:

Whether it’s accounting information, customer information, or even inventory information, data is being entered into small business computer networks on a daily basis. If a technical disaster should strike, wiping all that data out, it could be setback of going-out-of-business proportions. With CloudVault Data Backup and Recovery we make sure your data is protected, and help get you up and running quickly, with little to no lost data. More details can be found in our page titled If Your Backup Is Missing This ONE Critical Element, You Could Be Out Of Business For DAYS And Lose Data You Cannot Afford To Be Without

Mobility Optimization:

Tired having to sync up your data every time you move from one location to another? There is a simple solution for that, and that solution is called an exchange server. Let’s say you add things to your Outlook calendar during your early morning check in from Starbucks. When you get to the office and open up Outlook on your desktop, that calendar entry will already be there waiting for you. An exchange server is a must for the busy entrepreneur on the go. Find out How You Too Can Avoid The Frustrations of Working From Multiple Mobile Devices With Microsoft Exchange Server

We Have the Apps That Make the Whole World Sing

Modern Office Powered by Microsoft Office 365:

Remember the old days when getting Microsoft Office for every workstation in the office meant spending thousands of dollars on physical copies of the software and multiple licenses? Those days are long gone. With CloudPoint’s Modern Office we serve as your gateway to Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 plan. This monthly subscription-based service makes it possible for users to access the entirety of Microsoft Office from virtually any device, and any location. Why do it through CloudPoint? Get it through us and it comes with our personalized setup and technical support. So why wait? Work From Wherever You Want With Modern Office Powered by Microsoft Office 365

Speech Recognition Software:

Speech recognition software has continually improved over the past few years, and is nearing the point where it operates with almost flawless accuracy. We are partnered with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and SayIT, the cloud-based speech recognition software option, and not only have the hookup for both, we help get you set up, and offer customer support afterward. A Challenge To All Those Who Think It Is Impossible For A Computer to Understand the Words You Say to It

Document Management:

Admit it. You can’t find half the files you search for in those old file cabinets can you? Isn’t it time to say goodbye to all those paper files and free up that office space for something more productive than just being storage space?  Our partners at DocsVault make digitizing and managing files easy. Let us show you How to Stop Losing Documents Finally and Forever

Specialized Healthcare Industry Services:

It takes a little special knowledge to properly manage the computer network of a doctor’s office. Medical IT is a continually changing landscape, often marred in federal regulation, and beholden to tight security measures. Your average IT company just doesn’t have the right stuff to manage a network in this environment, but fortunately, we’re not the average IT company. We have more than a decade of experience catering to the healthcare industry. We know the rules as well as you do, and we also know how to speak your language. So What is the Best Way to Free Your Medical Practice From Those Infuriating Computer Problems So You Can Finally Focus on Just Doing the Job You’re Paid to Do? CloudPoint Technology.

Electronic Health Records:

We are a platinum partner with the EHR company SOAPware, and have been for many years now. We can not only help get your office setup with the software and tweak it to meet your workflow, but we will also be here providing technical support to you should you need it. So if you’re looking for an EHR solution, we have everything you need.

Patient Management Software:

We’ve partnered with Medisoft, by McKesson, to supply our customers with patient management software that has become the industry standard. Through Medisoft you can manage appointments, billing, and much more. Our Medisoft customers also have a direct line to our technicians who are here to offer technical support whenever a problem should arise. Have You Ever Asked Yourself How Some People Seem to Manage Their Medical Practice So Easily?

Healthcare Specific Speech Recognition Software:

Physicians speak a language that is highly technical and extremely specialized, so your average speech recognition software is of little use to them. This problem has been fixed by our partners at Dragon NaturallySpeaking and the cloud-based SayIT. Both programs offer versions designed specifically to handle doctor-speak, making them both a blessing as we continue to move into the digital age of electronic health records. Navigating and populating EHR apps has never been easier.

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