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Without Encrypted Email You Might As Well Publish Your Most Private Messages in the Newspaper

We’ve all finally come to the realization we really have no privacy online. Everywhere we go, everything we do, and every little letter we type, is potentially open to inspection by third parties.

Sending a regular email is like sending a postcard through the regular old real-world mail. The contents of it can be read by everyone who handles it between points A and B, and then again by whoever handles it between points C, D, and Q, if it gets passed around.

So what are businesses who frequently mail highly sensitive information that deserves privacy protection to do?

Email encryption is the solution to this problem, and has become a hot-button issue in recent years, especially with the rise of both government spying and criminal hacking.


What is Email Encryption, and How does it Keep My Data Private?

Email encryption basically takes your English language email, turns it into gobbledygook, and then ships it out to a server where it awaits the intended recipient to come for it. Once they do, the gobbledygook is then delivered to their inbox where it is ungobbledygized and converted back to English.

While an encrypted email is in transit from one point to another, it is protected by the encryption, and with CipherPost Pro, it even stays encrypted while on the server waiting to be delivered to an inbox. This means prying eyes who might be sniffing your mail as it travels through cyberspace won’t be able to read the contents.

If you aren’t using an email encryption service right now, then everything you send is wide open for interception and misuse by third parties. This not only puts your privacy at risk, it puts a business’s customers’ privacy at risk as well.

5 Email Encryption Features to Look for When Choosing an Email Encryption Service

There are numerous services for encrypting email out there, and for the most part, they are somewhat similar, but they certainly aren’t all equal. Some are considerably more secure than others, and the features offered are like snowflakes. So here are a few features you must require if you need your emails to be truly private.

Capable of Sending Messages to Anybody

What we mean by this is the person you are sending an email to doesn’t have to have special software, or be subscribed to a special service, to decode the message when they get it. You can send the encrypted email to anybody without much hassle. If you can’t send an encrypted email to anybody, then what value does the service really have?

One-Click Email Encryption

The behind-the-scenes process of encrypting an email is kind of complicated, but a good email encryption service shouldn’t be. Good ones can encrypt an email with one click. If it involves more steps than that, you are just wasting valuable time.

Not Just a Webmail App, it Works with Outlook Too

Hey, webmail is great, but in reality, doesn’t most of our professional lives revolve around Microsoft Outlook? There’s a reason for that, and that reason is it’s great for staying organized. Soi who wants to have to open a browser, go online, and login to a webmail portal to get email? Not me. CipherPost Pro integrates with MIcrosoft Outlook, and puts a “Send Secure” button right there in your email composition window in Outlook. One-click simplicity is hard to beat.

You Shouldn’t Need Yet Another Email Address

I don’t know about  you, but I already have at least a dozen email addresses flowing into my Outlook, so the last thing I want is another one. A good email encryption service will function through your existing email address, which means you can still be Bill @ BillsBusiness.Com.

Attached FIles Should Also Be Encrypted

Email attachments shouldn’t be excluded from the encryption process. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have the capability of sending large encrypted files. For example, ours allows file transfers of up to 5 GB.

Find out more about our CipherPost Pro Email Encryption Service with this Fact Sheet.

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